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101 - Glowsticking.com Freehand Figure-8 Variation 2

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Another way of executing the figure 8 is by employing localized wrist movements (download video 2). In this method, you are still creating an outline of an ?8? but the in a much smaller fashion. This variation will depend on the dexterity of your wrists. Because the shape of the figure 8 is smaller, more intense trails can be created with less movement and speed. The effect is a much more fluid figure 8, given that it is done correctly.

1. You can hold the glowsticks in the same fashion as done in video #1, but in order to maximize the smooth effect of the trails, hold the glowsticks like you are gripping a pencil. However, instead of holding the stick in the middle, grasp the end of the glowstick (see video). Additionally, apply a relatively loose grip on the glowsticks. This will allow the glowstick room to move during the execution to create a more fluid image.

2. Join both hands at the inside of wrist. You should have the palms of your hands facing each other, forming a ?v? in front of you.

3. The idea here will be the same as the standard (arm movement) figure 8. However, you will only be moving your wrists. Begin by moving your right hand glowstick down to the left side and moving your left glowstick to where your right one was. To perform these movements, think of ?rolling your wrists? on each other (see video).

4. Next, bring your right hand glowstick back to the right side. Simultaneously, bring your left glowstick down to the left side. At this point, your hands should be at the same level, uncrossed. To create the bottom half of the ?8,? point the glowsticks toward the ground. Having a loose grip will make this easier.

5. Now, move the right hand glowstick up and to the left, while moving your left glowstick to the right side where your right glowstick just was. Again, we?re doing the same right-hand lead, left hand follow motion.

6. Finally, bring the right hand glowstick over to the left and bring the left up to the left. You should be in your initial starting position, more or less. While doing this step, you can point the sticks upward as to exaggerate the top of the ?8?.

This form of the figure 8 requires a little more practice. Remember to think about rolling your wrists. Practice making these movements smooth. What I have given you is the basic outline of the movements involved. Also, you can experiment with your grip by varying its tightness at the top and bottom of the ?8? to create different sizes. The looser the grip, the more they will ?flail? in your hands and the smoother it will look. Be patient with this move. Focus not on speed, but more on smoothness and fluidity. With smoothness will come speed.

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