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Rambos back!!


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First Rambo IV Feature Trailer - R-Rated Ass Kicking!




Rambo said it best… “When you're pushed… Killing's as easy as breathing


This trailer and clip is courtesy Ain't It Cool News straight from the hands of Sylvester Stallone himself, so take good care of it, as he was showing it off at Cannes as a demo reel of footage. If you're even slightly interested in Rambo IV, simply titled John Rambo, then watch this. Trust me, you'll be more excited for this than Die Hard 4.0! It's a full 3 and 1/2 minutes, and it goes through some good back story then for the last minute goes into a full-on R-rated ass kicking fest with Rambo himself!!

There is no release date set yet, but the rumor is that it's aiming for a May 2008 opening - so we've got quite a while





So what do guys think ???



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That made it look a lot better than anything else I have seen. Now I want to see it at first I didn't really care for it. Good post bro :D


I hear ya..I was pretty sceptical at first when I heard that old ass Stalone was going to be doing this, but after I saw the trailer I was convinced that this could seriouslly work out.


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