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Freehanding Tutorial Collection

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Just wanted to be like the glowstringers and make a thread about the tutorials for freehanding. =) (yea I'm bored... it's 5 AM and I do not feel like sleeping)




Here is an .html page for the official tutorials:

GS.C Freehanding Tutorials


Tutorials (tutorial [author])


Must Reads

First off, I suggest you reading these topics first to get an understanding of freehanding and what to expect. Once you finish that, move onto the section directly after this (Basic Definitions) where cynicdave explains the fundamentals of freehanding moves. After all that, watch the videos and learn a few things... just remember that these are just moves. It is up to you to creatively put them together with your own style to set you different from everyone else. Glowsticking wouldn't and will not be as amusing as it is now if everyone performed the same way. Good Luck to you =)

GS.C Freehand Tutorial [cynicdave]

Overall Tips For Creating Your Own Style [Chen]

Method To Creating Your Own Traces [style2burn]

How to "Dance" while glowsticking, Create an original style! [Ravergirl]

Footwork, How To, and Tips [wuzy_getn_fuzy (OP)] <--- why isn't this stickied?

Basic Moves 101 [Nyko] <--- why isn't this stickied?

Drills for the Intermediate Freehander, Juggling, Tracing, Combos, Throws [cynicdave] <--- why isn't this stickied?


Basic Definitions

Throws [cynicdave]

Liquids [cynicdave]

Kicks/Taps [cynicdave]

Stalls [cynicdave]


Technical Moves

Figure 8 [Windsen Pan]

Figure 8 Variation 1 [Ravergirl]

Figure 8 Variation 2 [Ravergirl]

Helicopter [Chen and PowerUser86]

Helicopter [Ravergirl]

Helicopter [REAL5]

Helicopter [majesticstix]

Horizontal Helicopter [REAL5]

Inverted Figure 8 [N3W813]



Various Stalls [Windsen Pan]

Elbow Stall [Windsen Pan]

Elbow Stall [Konrad]



Elbow Tap [Ravergirl]



Basic Tracing [Ravergirl]

Stomach Trace [Windsen Pan]

Stomach Trace [Ravergirl]

Countour Tracing [Ravergirl]

Tracing [Paul]

Tracing 2 [Paul]

Butterfly Trace [Ravergirl]


All Together/Conceptual/Misc. Tutorial Videos

Freehand Tutorial [Ravergirl]

Style Tutorial #1 "With Feeling" [Ginseng]

Slight of Hand Concept Demo [Ginseng]

Freehand Basics Overview and Commentation [Ginseng]


Topics With Help

Cracking Sticks [tjHood (OP)]

Tossing Tips [Psyk (OP)]

Tosses, and Catches? [LEDjunkie (OP)]

Inside/Outside Taps [Will403536 (OP)]

Help with Tosses [Dier (OP)]

A Question About Stalls [Dreamer2go (OP)]

Help with Backstall! [cryingtiger]

Stalls... [XJ3B (OP)]

Helicopter [Tofu (OP)]

Helicopter [Paulzkung (OP)]

Helicopter Problem [EviLLLLSiNz (OP)]

NEED HELP! (wrists) [crazy_babe]

throwing techniques [kidliquid]

Treads? Weaves? [xxplosive]

Practicing in the dark [ruyz]

One handed Horizantal Heli toss? [dier]

Wrist trace [LiquidPoi]

Leg Traces [shortBusRyder]

Any advice on tracing? [sinister62]

Thread Tracing [sto0pybo1]

couple problems im having [DJKiddVicious]

Figure 8 for Transitioning [Dwarfman]

Threading, details, tips & discussion [happysnapper]


Advanced Topics with Discussion

So, you say you have a lot down when it comes to freehanding... getting bored? Look at these topics to further your glowsticking abilities. I warn you though, do not try to jump into new concepts without smoothening out your fundamentals. Practice makes perfect...

Advanced Moves 101 [shiesty (OP)]

Mindgames [glowfish (OP)]

Thread Tossing [LEDjunkie (OP)]

Taking It to the Next Level [Yosho (OP)]

Juggling... 3 glowsticks + more! [KaelGotRice (OP)]

Here's some concepts for yall that are stuck... [ginseng (OP)]

Tracing. Different ways to do it?, The "Foundation" Art, Revisited [cynicdave]




Feel free to comment, add links, or make your own tutorials for the list.

If you have a request for a tutorial... post it here and maybe one of the kind gs.c freehanders will make something for you =)


Hope this helps...


NOTE: In case of a bad link, please PM me so that I can fix it...

NOTE: These are not all of the tutorials out there for freehanding... but these are the ones that i have seen myself and found very useful. If you come across a new tutorial that has not been listed above, please PM me.

NOTE: Please give thanks to the people who have submitted their videos for the public.

NOTE: The tutorials marked as DOWN, will be unavailable to the public due to my personal server being down. I should have this fixed in the near future, but no garentees here. If you are DYING for these videos, please IM me @ 'raverxsl' and ask me for them. In the meantime, enjoy the other vids.

NOTE: For files hosted on Tripod/Angelfire... I found that copy-->paste works or right click --> save as.

NOTE: Some files are packed into a .zip file. This means that (for non-XP members) you must get a file unpacker such as Winzip (www.winzip.com) or WinRAR (www.rarlabs.com). Then you open up the archive and extract the file. Enjoy

NOTE: For files ending in .mov , you will need to use Quicktime Player to view the file. www.apple.com

NOTE: If you cannot play some of the files, please download the latest .wmv codec from Microsoft.


EDITORS NOTE: Please remember that these are only moves. Freehanding is based around concepts (tracing, tossing, catching, tapping, carved-in stone moves). Use these tutorials to HELP you get used to freehanding (by learning the basics), but don't think these are the ONLY moves out there. Explore, Experiment, and Enjoy. Then put it all together. The only way to advance freehanding is to have every freehander look somewhat different than the next and not have a routine built around the tutorials you see here. Again, I remind you, use these tutorials to guide you. Once you are comfortable, move on and think of your own stuff. Be unique. ...and, don't get me wrong! You CAN use any of these moves, but freehanding won't be 'free'handing if there are move restrictions. This is why freehanding is different from stringing. Stringing is moved based and uses the stringer's creativity and combo creation skills. Freehanding, on the other hand, has no limit to moves, but still uses the creativity of the user. Yes, add these moves to your routine, but use your mind to be creative and put your own flavor into the moves. Be yourself and most of all, have fun! Hope this helps out the newbies. (Concept Exploration over Moves)


-Steve (sto0pybo1)

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Thank goodness this got saved.... :icon_clap:

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Once the old fourm goes down, all those old threads will be gone with it.

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- Fixed broken video tuts. I put Chen/Poweruser's heli tutorial on temp storage on putfile. As far as I know theres unlimited downloads *shrug*


- Started moving old discussion threads over from the old boards. I'm only going to move about five a day so I dont flood the freehand forum and so the threads get proper exposure.


If there are any comments/suggestions on how I moved them please tell me. The way I did it seems a little messy :\





Note: Haha I'm learning a lot doing this move and reading the old threads. Freehanding sounds like a lot of fun... maybe I'll switch xD

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most of these tricks i already know or i can't seem to visulize. i know a few that i am not sure are up there but unfortunately i don't know how to explain them. lol. go figure right? i am dying to learn some new moves and find ppl to practice with. i don't really know to many ppl in broward (which is where i live now) and i am looking for ppl with skill and style.

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Hey guys there seems to be a problem with

All Together/Misc. Tutorial Videos

Freehand Tutorial [Ravergirl]

because when you click on it it just leads you to a website saying "This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos?Network Site, and is not available for download. Please check out Tripod's Help system for more information about Remote Loading and our Remote Loading policy. "

Just letting you guys know

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Man looking at the link takes me back to my high school day.


Man looking at the link takes me back to my high school day.


Man looking at the link takes me back to my high school day.

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