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modifications to your car


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lol maybe someone drunk accidently drove into u (if the parking lot was flat n had a spot infront of u)


that really sucks, id b sooo pisst!


but alot of shit happened to my car, i swear after every trip to any store / mall / club id end up with 3 new dings on my car. you should seriously see my car, i have HELLA dings its ridiculous.


Nah, if they would have drove into me, my bumper would have gotten scraped, or at least some kind of damage. I think maybe someone was walking by or trying to go between my car and the car next to me and kicked it or something. It was a cheap replica anyway that I had on with zip ties. Pathetic I know, but give me a break lol.


The new one will be better, stronger, and more secured.


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Car - 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 GSR (SSL Model)


Color - Wicked White


Modifications: ATM, its stock because i just sold all my parts. im currently in japan purchasing parts as we speak. :)


some pics of it b4 i put it back to stock.














these are all pics before my accident. after my car accident, the only thing that stayed on the car were exterior mods:


jdm headlights w/ hid

jdm taillights

jdm evo ix rear bumper

seibon cf hood


painted rims

sound system - jl 500/1 amp w/ 2 jl 10" w3v3's on a pioneer deh 7800i



currently planning on buying in japan:


new gravity gullflame rims 18x9 polished white, ohlin coilovers, bride gias lowmax seats, gt3076r ball-bearing turbo, more to come :)


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Freakin beautiful car man. So damn sexy haha. Then again, I am a sucker for a white that pops like yours does! Lovin the rims too!

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thats what I thought....not sure tho.

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Also, embarrassment FTW


97.33 max hp

134.05 max tq




clutch was slipping BAD. video coming haha

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turbo kit goes on the soon to be rebuilt 5S in the winter. It was $40 for 4 pulls. Couldn't pass it up.

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Plans are undecided....


- 2nd Gen 3SGTE Swap for major potential

- V6 Camry Swap (then turbo....supercharge?)

- Redtop Beams motor swap (hard to find....200 N/A hp tho)

- Rebuild and turbo current 5S (bigger displacement....200whp on stock internals)


who knows.

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more displacement isn't always better when it comes between the 5s and the 3s. a camry swap would be nice like the guy from Houston (Brad B.) in the yellow mr2. my friend bought his 91 (forgot the name) dark green turbo mr2. built for auto-x. sweet ass car. he still has it as well.

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Yeah I know that car. Seen it on the net at some point.

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