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Old car collection


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this was in an e-mail that i had to share with everyone, here is the story


A New York man retired. He wanted to use his retirement money wisely, so

it would last, and decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal.

The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15yrs.; the owner and wife both

had died, and there were no heirs.

The house was sold to pay taxes.

There had been several lookers, but the large barn had steel doors, and

they had been welded shut. Nobody wanted to go to the extra expense to see

what was in the barn, and it wasn't complimentary to the property

anyway......so, nobody made an offer on the place.

The NY guy bought it at just over half of the property's worth, moved

in, and set about to tear in to the barn.......curiosity was killing him.

So, he and his wife bought a generator, and a couple of

grinders.......and cut thru the welds.

What was in the barn...............?

Go to; a vast wealth of cars and start wishing it you had

bought the place


it is just insane, so many cars and so much money to be had, lol

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o fuk, factories don't make these Alfa Romeos and Vintage Porches anymore do they? This retired guy probably quadrupled his retirement money and then some!



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*sighs* That pains my heart to see.. A vehicle graveyard.. So many cars and so poorly maintained for preservation.. Just another example of someone with too much money and not enough knowledge on how to take care of their cars..


Windows left down (I'm sure they were thinkin about keepin heat out as not to crack the leather and other interior components.. or perhaps the windows were missing? But still.. blah.. )


Cars just left sitting on the ground instead of on jack-stands.. The suspension is destroyed with no-hopes of restoration on most of those vehicles..


He may of stumbled upon a fortune, but not as good as you may think.. The restoration process for most of those cars would outweigh the price of the car itself.. Would be lucky to sale most of those.. =(

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Yeah.. I agree with your findings Decipher.. I have a 'step-granddad' or 'step-uncle' (I don't know with the marriages and stuff) that has a collection of american cars that span 50-60 cars that I went upon a tutorial of that spans a century old.. Most have the condition these do..


But still.. even if he was a automobile dealer 40-50 years ago.. The preservation is still crap and not a respectful owner of the cars.. Kills me to see this.. Just as you guys would see someone glowsticking for money or what-not.. For I am a die hard car-enthusiast.. =(

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