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Formula D

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anyone gonna participate in some good sight seeing of smoke, screeching tires, over revving, turbo kit blowoffs, and drift girl models at this year's Fomula D? I missed Long Beach dammit...




1: No Room for Mistakes apr 7 Streets of (Long Beach, CA) #44 Mitsuru Haruguchi

2: Fight Night may 12 Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA) #12 Chris Forsberg

3: The Take Over june 2 Smt Pnt Rcway (Smt Pnt, W Virgina) #5 Samuel Hubinette

4: Drift Slide Collide jul 14 Evergreen Rcway (Monroa, WA) TBA

5: Fastest in the Circuit aug 11 Infineon Race way (Sonoma, CA) TBA

6: All or Nothing sept 8 Wall Speedway (Wall, NJ) TBA



So anyone going? I think I'm going when they hit Sonoma and of course, the infamous "The Banks" Irwindale.


Rank Car # Driver Cumulative Points


1 36 Tanner Foust 96.00 86.00 95.00 277.00

2 64 Chris Forsberg 56.00 107.00 69.00 232.00

3 2 Rhys Millen 65.00 75.00 79.00 219.00

4 9 Daijiro Yoshihara 83.00 66.00 64.00 213.00

5 33 Kazu Hayashida 67.00 55.00 63.00 185.00


I'm goin for Daijiro and his JDM S13..anyone wanna give their view?


For a more organized sheet of standings visit http://formulad.com/index.php

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ill prolly be there at sonoma also (live 15 mins away from track). hope i can sneak in again. last time we parked where the cars were starting to go down the track. lol the hulk was there too. the drift girls aint all that bomb. well they are bomb but not variety like HIN n other shows.


last time i had to fight the urge to steal some wheels and tires from their trailer they had sitting outside their hotel at 5am. dunno if they be that lucky this time.

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