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SUPRA POWER!!! toyota pride!!

Guest SupraGlow

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2860 race weight in my MR2 ftw!

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i have respect for this car but its kind of an old story now.. its all about the skyline coming out next year!!!


it is old but hes a legend. look at ams and buschur racing with the fastest 4g63's in the west.


i DO love the gt-r (got a ride in one here at the local tokyo nissan dealership) and sadly, im not entirely convinced. dont get me wrong, its QUICK and u can hear the tiny turbos whistling through the firewall, but the engine is wayy to quiet, and if you've been doing ur research, the aftermarket is going to be a rough start on the gt-r because of the computer and fuel system. hks had a bunch of parts made for the gt-r by tokyo auto salon 2008 and i got a preview, but the main car of the show was def the evo x hands down.


supra! i challenge u. ur car is a monster in a straight line and on the highway, but my lil 4 banger turbo can take u on the twisties or at the track. supra has presence, but i like the respect i get from a fast lap at the track. and u can run 450 plus or minus 50 on the stock block without upgrading internals. but u have the better gettrag gearbox so ill give ya that.

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Guest supraGlowString
i have respect for this car but its kind of an old story now.. its all about the skyline coming out next year!!!

the car is not even that old, MkIV keeps up with alot of newer cars. I dont think the new supra will be comming out anytime soon so well see. Also the new skyline is CRAZY but its not gonna be as good as they say becuse of all the US restrictions. But i cant wait to see it on the streets this summer.

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MKI - Meh, just a rip off of the 200GT and ugly.


MKII - Sexiest Supra ever made! PERIOD! During this time it was the CelicaSupra, MR2, and Corolla that were Toyota's finest cars for the street. Who needs to race when you have a sexy MKII.


MKIII - Nice body, good motor after it glows a head gasket. Once the head gasket blows it has potential to kick a MKIV's ass.


MKIV - Best designed interior in history all controls face the driver meaning no back seat driver or passenger can mess with anything. Also has the ledgendary 2JZ GTE, and in 96 plus(I believe) got the VVT-i addition.


All in all the MKII and MKIV were the only Supra's Toyota made right off the assembly line. Why? MKII never had blown headgaskets as to the MKIII, it also won motor trend car of the year multiple times and looks better then the MKI. The MKIV has a great NA and Turbo engine and good looks with the driver in mind. Luxury not a abnoxious spoiler and great control.


My argument? Its really the only sports car toyota made. Other then the 2000GT and the new xrS models. Celica yea its considered a sports car, but really there isnt anything sporty about a 4Banger.


As far as compairing? You cant. You can only compair stock models. I dont know the numbers of the competition so I wont toss in any made up numbers.


I think supraGlowStringing thing is ego or just opinion or both. Opinions vary alot from person to person as seen ever where. My love for toyota date back to my frist care. A 1986 Cressida with the MKII Supra motor and it was rear wheel drive with a nearly 50/50 weight distribution. Watch a Cressida drift and add in the rarity factor and youll know why I love them. Also the Cressida is the predecessor to the IS300(which is a luxury sports sedan with a inline six supra motor and rear wheel drive). But Im not all Toyota. I love their cars including Lexus, but I love Jeep SUVs, and Dodge Trucks(ones with the Cummins in it). I have a friend that is overly cocky about Toyota's and constantly downs my Jeep Cherokee. Problem is I know more about Toyotas then he does, so he can never win a fight.


On the part of compairison. My Jeep is modified. I have a 4.7L Stroker for it(4.0 motor with 4.2 crank and rods) I estimate my bhp to be 300hp and crank torque to be 375. Run that against a stock Nissan Maxima R Badge Spec A I'd have on a run for the money. But I didnt modify it to race. Just for the improvement in gas economy and Im a torque Fein.


My MKII Supra I am going to modify it, but not for racing. Its to pretty to wear down. Just going to put a 7MGTE block in it with a 5M head. BHP around 210 so about 180ish at the wheels its not alot, but I just want it to be strong.


So Im probally the only Supra owner in the world besides the collectors that would do that to a supra when I could easily swap in a Lexus V8.


So long live the Supra. Now time for some pics of Toyota Cars.


Magazine Recreations I Made



And one of my Jeep when I first got it.


It has the Aisin Warner tranny in it which was developed by toyota. And used in the MKIII and IV NA's.

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the 2jz engine is super stout, but the supra, just like any car, will be fast with enough money thrown at it.....the n/a one's were good but not great.....people seem to think that all supra's are tt 1000hp beasts.....but they're not......do a lil leg work

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