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It's all fine and all however, what do you think Jagex

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It's all fine and all however, what do you think Jagex have dealt with OSRS Gold Ice Strykewyrms? That question should have been answered by Jagex. They shouldn't bother reading topics. They should have designed a poll instead, allowing members to vote whether there should be an agreement or not. The votes should be filtered like a madman as this is done. They should be capable of checking which votes were cast by specific groups, for example:

Members who do not have 93 Slayer. Members without the Fire cape and with 93 Slayer. Members who have 93 Slayer, and wearing a Fire cape. While it may require some programming, it would still be feasible. After a small number of participants had cast their votes and analyzed the results, and then decided if they should have made an agreement or not. This is how it should be.

It is mandatory that Jagex, as a professional company, should review their policies and make sure they do dynamic filtering. They must establish a policy according to the current circumstances and update it every month or so. It is crucial to review their policies regularly. They don't have to be the most important however they need to hear those who shout the loudest, the whiners.

I was wondering if anyone has problems with free-player banks. It's quite irritating when Buy RS Gold your pockets are stuffed with items isn't it? And you don't want to let anything go and you're also doing your job.

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