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It's also quite common to see advertising within the game

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Donohue discusses the benefits of a league that is operated by the NBA office when it comes to MT 2K22 inviting partners. "The benefit of being the NBA 2K brand is that we have incredible connections with a number of these partners, as such, we can assist them to guide them through eSports and assist them in understanding how to tap into eSports as a fantastic way to increase the visibility of their brands."

The NBA 2K League offers companies another advantage: the game is easy to understand. Donohue says that esports might often be confusing for consumers. "But we're a fun sport that you don't have take part in our games. If you're an expert on basketball, you'll get it," Donohue says.

It's also quite common to see advertising within the game. "It's completely normal to be watching basketball and see courtside signage , and also to see brand names integrated into the experience like this, it'd be more bizarre not to be able to see it." As Donohue points out, that allows partners "to be part of the actual experience."

The NBA 2K League is a very popular and profitable sport due to its enthusiastic community of fans. However, Donohue says "we believe we're only scratching the surface." He also points out the 1.9 billion fans of the NBA on social media, as a massive pool of potential.

There's also the issue of Buy NBA 2K Coins whether NBA 2K could be used as a way to attract new basketball enthusiasts, something Ted Leonsis, Washington Wizards owner and media mogul has suggested. Donohue is a perfect example of this, and it's too far away from where I live. 

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