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EDC 2006 Review & Shoutouts Thread!


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Guest SeiFuZeRo

EDC was the bomb!!!!

...Even though Romances couldn't make it and it was a hard time trying to find BombStix and i found you guys but then lost you guys forever (same with RedLine) LoL!




WoOoo!!! EDC was the Bomb! = ]


SeiFuZeRo (posts like more than a month late xD)

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lol, damn all I can remember was that it was a horrible day.... until the guys and I reach the NOS center... then all of a sudden things started to turn around... I got in w/ my ledsticks, glowsticked around the yo-yo ride because it got extremely hot inside the citrus room, and got a huge headache from the DnB and Jungle room... but overall, EDC was GREAT!!!

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