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EDC 2006 Review & Shoutouts Thread!


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Firstly, I'm going to get the shout outs out of the way.


Shout Outs!


Dave & Wes: We actually spoke this year! Granted, it was only 5-10 more words than last year, but hey we actually spoke.


Kristen: Thanks for showing me how shitty of a dancer I am. Now fix it! Damn I wish I can shake my booty...


Cody: Bastard, you too! haha!


2seco: "I LOVE YOU MAN!!"


Jamerson: Loved how you just ignored me until I was like "JAMES" right in front of your face. Then came that manly hug that I shall embrace forever.


Eric: Mr. "I-know-you-dont-like-hugs-but-here-anyway". haha! Thanks for the kandi.


Rusty: Sorry for smashing the glowsticks up your nose before the circle. Honestly, I didn't really mean to do it. :smokin:


Alex: Told you I'd come and for eating dinner with each other in the VIP lounge, too bad you didn't meet the artists!


Chen: I've finally met you in person. I think I'll do what Jeff does to Gio, to you. :inlove:


Brit (ALORIEN!): Thank you so much for the ride and the hanging out we did! I hope your back gets better soon!


Aileen: Sucks that the E-Tard kicked you and got you wet, and we didn't talk much this year! I hope I didn't do anything to offend you!


To anyone else I may have forgotten: Thanks for showing me another GSC good time this year!



Highlights of the Night

* Weaving in and out of highway traffic on our way to EDC with none other than the AWOL Productions people!

* Jon's "cracker" comment!

* Chen getting whacked in the face by Bryce (or his brother, I can't remember).

* Me practically thrusting a glowstick up Rusty's nose a few minutes after the Chen-Smack.

* Sandra Collins lip synching Gabriel & Dresden's "Dangerous Power" as her last song of her set. Fucking awesome as it also was infused into the visuals.

* Seeing some of the talent walking around the venue and through VIP.

* Learning that I can't dance for shit! (Thanks Cody & Kristen -_-)

* Live daisies being dropped from the sky via two helicopters for practically 30 minutes or so.



Being Typed...

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Pictures my good friends...




Music wise, there were definately some cool tunes blarring.

Infected mushroom had a good set, the ultra circle was cut short though by it, it ended too soon!

Music is always fun here though, what can I say.



Getting there SUCKED... Lesson learned... DON'T COME LATE! Crap does traffic suck.

Cool thing was while I was stuff in traffic a group of random ravers recognized me and were like..


"OMG are you like Ravergirl"


"I love your videos, you kick ass girl!"

"Thanks you girls"

"wooo Ravergirl!!!!"


then traffic started movin again.



Ultra circle was missing ULTRAS!!!

Man the ultra disaster really changed the vibe. We had too many e-tards and circle hogs this year.

But I did get the full circle so did others, so we can get the cool vid happenin.


Man party was fun though, you guys are teh awesome!!!


Janus/Eric: THANK YOU FOR THE CANDY! You're so sweet.


Cody/ Ang: Dude you're my new Rave buddy! You sure got some spirit and you love to dance. Its freakin awesome. Hopefully we can find your wallet.


Melven12: Nice to meet you! Keep on stringing bro!


Chen: Chen... CHEN! You are amazing. I'm glad I FINALLY got to meet the flesh and bones of one of my inspirations. PS. My boyfriend thinks your cool cause you like WoW. :)


FrostWizard: GLAD I FINALLY MET YOU! Missed you at the party. Next year fo sho!


Robert/Zin: I GLAD YOU SHOWED UP! I was totally shocked btw. I was like.. I didn't know he was coming. Then BAM I see you at the ultra circle. We shall met again! (ps your not a shitty dancer... you just don't dance period.) lol. Next week we learn to SALSA!


Jamerson: Heeyyyy we didn't wear the same jacket! Wish I could havve hung out with you more this year. Hey Next EDC you know it!

IPB Image


James/FueledbyRamen: YOU LURKER! Dude we talked more this year than any other year!

You're so freaking awesome man! We need to chill again for sure! *hugs*


Brit/ Alorien: Man where were you the ENTIRE party? We needed to rave it up gs.c girl style!

Next year? Yes... it is a MUST.


CynicDave: My hero, my savior, the gs.c creator. Thanks for the ride back to the car! That would have been a long walk down dark alley ways and other means of DANGER! Plus you rock the world for creating gs.c.


Aileen: How's it going GIRL? Didn't get to talk much but your smile is always present for me. :)


Jon: HELLO SOLDIER! :) hehehe. Sup breakin' glow boy? Its always nice to have my "man in uniform" around. Plus your shirt last night was awesome! (I have dirty thoughts) ;p


I know I'm forgetting people. If I forgot you I am sorry. But everyone I met and have known is awesome! It was a fantasical party and always a blast.



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thanks for comming guys, good times. I'm glad i finally got to crack my aqua highs, those things are beautiful.


Sorry the car ride back wasn't so fun chen, wes, and wayne, thanks for being good sports. It means a lot to me that you weren't moaning and groaning, making it even worse. I'll get everything fixed up in the next week probably. I think my window visor is salvageable, we'll get it back on somehow. I found a shift knob online that looks exactly the same for like $30. It's aluminum with a titanium finish, so it's not as light but whatever, i save $100 that way. I'm gonna take it down to a honda dealership tomorrow and get the window/stereo fixed.


Dave, good times as always. Very good job setting everything up. Thanks to everyone i hung out with for being so fun. That means James, dave, bryce, ben, wes, wayne, chen, ange, peter, susan (i like you!), aileen, and emily. Sorry we didn't talk much zin, and that didn't hurt when you crammed the glowstick up my nose, it's all good.

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came late to edc.. i thought i missed out on the ultra circle but as i walked into the main room i saw a bunch of ultra's being held up in the air.. madd props to everyone that danced in the circle.. i like the guy in the white t glowstringing going crazy.. that was fucking awesome.. lol.


i didn't kno they dropped daisies from the sky... wow that musta been a trip to see.. i was too busy dancin in the main room. lol

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In no particular order:


Dave & Aileen: Thanks for hosting me :dope It's always a pleasure to meet you guys. Dave, your style never gets old, too good man.


Wes & Wayne: It was great hanging out again like old times, I'll come visit IL sometime in the future so watch out :biggrin2:


Cody: It was great meeting you, too bad we didn't play more Jungle Speed :sm_biggrin:


James: Great meeting you again, especially since I don't see you that much when I visit Dave :) Keep on glowsticking!


Kristen: You are the best female glowsticker I've ever seen. Period. I don't think anyone comes close. Your talent will amaze people years from now. It was a great meeting you and your boyfriend! :D Keep on leveling your Gnome Warrior!


2seco: We met Gio! Ahhhhhh~ /school girl scream, great seeing you in person and your freehand talent :D


Gio: We met 2seco! Ahhhhhh~ /school girl scream, you probably don't remember me but I watched the shit out of your videos when I started. Props to you sir.


Jamerson: I thought you were Bigwong >__< Sorry about that, great meeting you though! I'm glad you got to bust out in the Ultracircle


Rusty: :( Integra nooooo... I couldn't believe the avalanche of pure BS that fell upon us as we got to your car. I'm still sore from walking/dancing at EDC, but man, it builds character lol :sm_biggrin: I really hope you get it all sorted out >_< Lots of good times with you though, like the "I gave Dave's computer an STD" and just joking around with you like always :D


Zin: Finally met you in person! :D We need to talk more, lots of laughs and good times at EDC. Getting smacked in the face by Bryce was a wakeup call :sm_biggrin:


Bryce & Ben: Bryce, your brother is 60% into Lolicon. My condolences. LOL :sm_biggrin: A pleasure talking with you guys at the meetup and EDC. Ben, when you finally do go to Japan, don't have too much fun. Go Osaka/Kobe area, Tokyo is just soooo crowded. Do go visit Akihabara and whatnot though :D Anyways, you guys are still good glowstickers and thanks for showing me that one combo from your video Bryce (that one that starts with the stomach trace and the elbow pit spin one) But yeah, it was fun nerding it up talking about video games.


I'm sure I left people out and I'm sorry, I'm still sore/exhausted from the trip but ultimately all the money I spent to get to EDC was totally worth it.


Keep on practicing all, it's great seeing the new and old glowstickers bust out :)


GSC for life.




BTW Can someone post pics :D I wanna see



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zomgz, more fun times with the gsc peoples, made it even better that I didnt lose anything this time =D.... did however have my sticks and westicles casings thrown away >< lol



on to the shout outs


dave, what else can i say but you rock lol, sucks they delayed the package though


chen, mister VD crazy fast japan guy.... soo when you making that tree vid???


zin, I LOVE YOU =D thats for the sticks too


kristen, no crazy pics this year... but hey still all fun, sucks that you got in so late


ryan,rush, dude didnt even get a chance to see you this year


etmos, HA i rembered , fun times hanging out with you and your bro, once yall finnaly made it in, but yea next up NW


vic & chris, well we hung out for most of the party instead of losing each other right at the begining like usual, thanks for letting me crash for a while at the not so ghetto knights inn...


aileen,psst psst hoy kamusta na! i didnt lose my wallet whoo hooo


bryce and ben, yall crazy yea... thats it lol baaaaaa


gio, lol hey jeff guess what i met gio :P



and everyone that i missed im sorry, im tired and want to go home already to pass out



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Hey everybody, edc was such an awesome time and it looks like everyone had themselves just as aweosome a time as me,


First off my names corey im psyched i got to meet a handful of you guys thier. thanks to rusty good to see ya their and having a great time even with the whole integra issue, hope it all works out with getting everything replaced


also shouts to wes, chen, bryce, ben, aileen, <-the few names i can remember and umm well i only got to talk with a few of you for a little cause i had alot of friends their dragging me away since their leaving state soon. sorry if i missed anyone else i met thier, ill be sure not too miss ya at the next party


much love for all of you for being such a great lot of people :)

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Just for the record, Ben and I had a great time hanging out and talking to everyone. The music was good, the stuff being played when we first entered the main room with the live guitar was nearly enough to blow my very small mind. The sticking that I witnessed on the night WAS enough to blow my very small mind (I'm still picking up the pieces). No order to these shoutouts.


Dave - Drinking at your place was a big part of my plans this year, but for some reason it never really happened. Enjoy the Arrogant Bastard, and give 'em hell for not getting those ultras to you on time. Thank you for showing us all in the ultracircle the effortlessness that has become a staple of your style, and damn you for making me go.


Aileen - Glad you could make it out, imagine my surprise, and here I thought there would be an end to the sheep madness.


James - The next time I'm up in NorCal I'll give you a call, that way things won't be notoriously boring...for me.


Wes - Good to see you again, as always, maybe you can make it out for Monster Massive this year as well, or Nocturnal, but I won't be going to the latter so in the interest of selfishness I nominate Monster Massive. :)


Wayne - Nice to finally meet you and discover that we have a lot in common. I do believe I've exercised big brother tax at least twice a day since you informed me, and as token of my appreciation you can feel free to punk Ben whenever you have the chance to make it out here.


Rusty - Are not the aquas beautiful? Beautiful the aquas are...unfortunately I did an inventory of them when I got home from EDC, I only have 10 left, and that makes me...kinda sad. I'll see you at AX.


Chen - Move out to SoCal when you finish school at ASU. Sorry for hitting you in the face, I don't think I meant it, but you know...I get confused sometimes, and thanks for those builds and teaching me a different way to pull my helicopters.


Gio - At least you come out of hiding for all the important stuff...like parties. :)


Cody - Glad you could make it out, hope you had a good time and hopefully we'll be seeing you at more events in the future.


Kristen - Thanks for coming out again and as always being a cheerful ambassador for GS.C way to engage with the fanboys with in a cool and confident manner.


Etmos - Sorry about the traffic and getting screwed over, but we're glad we saw you near the end anyways.


And with that, I end my post.



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Cody - Glad you could make it out, hope you had a good time and hopefully we'll be seeing you at more events in the future.


he wouldnt of been there if it wasnt for me ;)


and i was there too dont forget me <_< lol

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Ok, I have loads to say so here goes......


First of all, I JUST got back into the country from my exchange trip to France. EDC was one of the only reasons I was actually looking forward to coming home all year. This was my first massive and I'd have to say it was a really great "welcome home to California" for me, and as awkward as I felt to be back in the states the first few days, making a trip down to EDC to meet everybody really made me feel at home again.


I'll try to name everyone, but I met so many people so damn fast and all at once that I'll be missing a few names, sorry! :(


Wes - I was really curious about meeting you at first, I had this whole image in my head of what you'd be like, but you were so much more down to earth than I was expecting, you're a cool guy and I'm looking forward to seeing you again next year.


Wayne - Haha, I thought you were hilarious! One of the coolest guys I've met in a long time. I loved your sense of humor and you had me cracking up all weekend. I was kind of hoping to see you string more but oh well, c'est la vie eh?


Rusty - After seeing the DVD I had all these expectations of how weird and bizarre you are, and how fun it would be to have you around..........and I wasnt let down! lol I hope daves computer lives.


Chen - You've always been one of my favorite freehanders ever since I saw Downers grove for the first time, I loved watching you practice at Daves place. I dont know if you noticed but I was staring transfixed at you when you were just messing around with a pair of sticks like it was no big. You kicked ass in the ultra circle, and I hope you can come down again next year.


Robert - You bastard!! *shoves* why do you have to flaunt that damn VIP pass in my face to torture me!!?? hahaha, well at least I can dance!! Anyway, I had a great time meeting you and I hope to see you again SOOOOOON to practice all your "moves"


Ravergirl - I was really looking forward to meeting you, and it was super fun dancing with you (even when that guy was trying to "recruit" you) and thanks again for that pair of ultras, I put them to good use :sm_biggrin: I might be able to come down to SD for your birthday so I'll see you again sometime. PS: Have you contacted that guy who has my wallet yet? :(


Aileen - You're even nicer in real life than you sound on the phone, thanks for being so great this weekend.


Etmos - Putain!! t'es trop cool toi! J'ai pense que j'etait le seul membre de GSC qui a habite dans la France mais alors! Il y a toi aussi! Stay cool! PS: Ever seen Brice de Nice?


Dave- Thank you so much for well, everything! Letting me stay with you, taking me to EDC, introducing me to everybody, and covering me when I lost my wallet as well. You're about a million times cooler than I was expecting you to be, and I was expecting you to be pretty cool. I'd be glad to come down again sometime. (thanks for showing me how shitty my freehand is as well) not that I didn;t already know or anything though.


Last of all I'd like to give special thanks to melvenorc12 (Brian) its completely thanks to you that I was able to even come down in the first place. You're an extremely talented stringer especially for your age and I REALLY wished you'd stayed in the circle for longer because you DO have loads of talent. I'm really looking forward to all the parties we're going to hit up this year, its going to be loads and loads of fun! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH *dancerbates*










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ahhhh where to begin?? i guess i can start where i am at right now, back in chicago, back to work, back to normal life.


sunday, last meal at charos chicken before heading home. feeling disappointed that i have to go home as usual, time to return to reality. flight was delayed about an hour didnt help. chicago was pouring rain when we arrived, i suppose that suits the mood.


dispite a few unfortunate incidents that can't be helped, it's great times we had!!


Dave - thanks for everything as usual. none of this would have happened without you.


Aileen - so nice to see you again. we don't talk as much while we are in our own states anymore, i guess we both been getting busier with life. so definately good to see you in person! maybe next year you will finally get to meet tra.


Chen & Wayne - what do you guys think of the weekend!?!? did it live up to the hype?? =D i know for me, it was definately double the fun with you guys around. chen + rusty and wayne + bryce/ben = super hilariousness. haha!!


Robert - zin happy to see that you made it there. also glad to talk with you a little more, even if just a few more words. =) thanks for the memory card too, wouldn't have been able to record all the footage if that didnt happen.


Kristen - nice to see you again, feel like we didnt hang out as much this time, but nice to see that you are still life of a party!


Rusty - sorry about what happened to you man, that was just horrible. but you are strong, im sure everything will be sorted out and you'll be back on your feet. it's nice to hang out with you more this time. best wishes, until next time.


Bryce & Ben - i dont think i truly appreciated your hilariousness before. with wayne by your side, he has opened my eyes. it's none stop laughter for me whenever you are around. great to see you guys again man.


Everyone else - it was nice meeting all of you. great job with the ultra circle. everyone coming together for the love of the dance is what keeps me coming back!! =)



**sorry if i forgot anyone, remind me and i'll add ya! =D

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IPB Image

These ppl didn't invade the Ultra Circle like last year!!!


Ravemedia doesn't have any current EDC pics up though... maybe they've stopped?


I want more pics guys.

BTW Cody, I can't contact the guy who has your wallet. He hasn't been online on the screen names that I do have... Probably changed it.




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So who was the guy that went in the circle like 20 times stringing with the blues and whites? If you're reading this, please don't do that again, we just want to be fair and let everyone get a chance.

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im pretty sure that was the airforce guy who used to come on here and make vids all the time, i rember seeing him working a booth in one of the LA massives once too, wearing his damn uniform

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the ultra circle was pretty good i thought... we knew what the hell we were doing, that's for sure. not like the first year. of course, it was a lot smaller because of the lack of ultras, and because unlike last year there weren't as many people coming. but just because >I< didn't have enough ultras should never let an ultra circle stop. other people should also order ultras as backups so next year no matter what happens we'll have enough!!! i think next year, we'll have a 2 stage ultra circle... first crack to get the circle going, and another small one to keep it going even more..

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