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New Scion Lineup


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New xB:

New xB

xB Gallery:

xB Gallery


New xD (replacement of xA):


xD Gallery:

xD Gallery


tC: staying the same with minor changes:


tC Gallery:

tC Gallery

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after looking. the new xb is getting to me. maybe it's the 5 lug and new look. the reverse light bothers me. but the rest is getting to me. i like the new setup on the gauge cluster though. pretty sexy.

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I don't like the xD or xB. I don't like hatchbacks or boxy cars in general (the two high-end lexus SUV's turn me off).


The tC is pretty cool tho, the supercharged one is kinda decent, too. But I'm more of a sedan kinda guy.


(yes, I know, old thread)

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