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Hey everyone! How've y'all been and what've you been upto?!


i recently just got a job working at a tiny college store here at NAU. It's easy work but i get 40 hours a week so i'm making some good money. I've put my schooling on hold for the time because of numerous reasons and I'm actually planning on enlisting with the navy sometime within this next year. It's a really exciting time for me and i'm looking forward to it.  :pirate:  


How about you guys?? Miss y'all mucho!

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Started a job in IT working for a pretty progressive company. I'm not certified yet, but part of my job is paid training. Going for my Windows 8.1 MCSA. Any certs I decide to pursue, the company will pay the cost for me to take the exams. In my free time, I'm studying nonstop, playing DotA 2, or practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Anyone is welcome to add me on Skype (noqturnal.gsc) or on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Noqturnal/). Usually down to spin things or talk about spinning things or play DotA 2 if that's your thing.

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school yick. xD

There is the internet now. jk


I had a new baby, he turned a whole month old on thanksgiving. My older son is almost 7 ^.^

Working hard as i can to be a better woman.Trying to get a kandi trading outpost moving about LightSeekersKandiBooth, Hopefully be moving back into our own place jan 1st.

Still glowsticking sporadically.

Glad to see ya'll guise are still sticking around.


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Well let's see, I "moved" to Canada for about 5 months (couldn't get a work visa to save my life) and moved back to good ol' NM xD

Finally got huggy crossers down. It only took me... 5 years?

Also engaged. So that's a thing.

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