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GSC Chat lives again!

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GSC Chat lives again!  Yep, some of us have revived it, if only for a short time.  Hopefully this can become a regular thing again?  I miss hanging out on cam with you guys.

Click here to join gsc chat!



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The chat is now fixed and usable, thanks to zin's heroic efforts.  Hope to see more of you guys in there.  I'm doing my best to be in there any time I'm on my computer, so stop by and say hi if you see me in there!

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I'm fairly certain there is because we had someone on their phones camera in video chat a few nights ago.  I'm never mobile though so I couldn't tell you how lol.

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The best time to chat is always right now.  :D


I'm in there presently.  It was nice in there yesterday, different people popping in and out throughout the day.  Seemed like old times.

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