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Friday, August 29at 9:00pm

Phoenix Concert Theatre

410 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, Ontario M4X 1K2


Join us for the last rave of the summer as Plurtastik and friends convert the Phoenix into 2 post-apocalyptic plur-anarchic playgrounds/dancefloors including the Danger Zone, the wasteland that 2 ravers enter but only one 1 leaves - a pillow fight to the DEATH (or hugs), and the Chernobyl Chill, the neon rainbow dancefloor in the heart of the mushroom cloud. It’s going to be completely illuminated with LEDs, UV blacklights, and lasers across the rainbow!



From the UK, the mighty land of hardcore -

MARC SMITH [Hardcore] Notorious

Originally from the UK, now hailing from the United States -

LUNA-C [Freeform] Kniteforce

with local support from

LOCKED [Jungle]

DYNAMIC [Happy Hardcore] Nocturnal Commisions

DATARIDER [DnB/Hardcore] League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen, Justice Hardcore, Plurtastik

KANDIKAT [Hardcore Anthems] MushY Tea, Bad Wolf



From the UK - FORCE-9 [Hard Trance]

with local support from

DTM [Electro/House]

CYNEX [Hard Dance/Trance] Discotoast

SCARTAT [breakcore/Mungle] Earth Defence Records

MR MUSTACHI [Tech-house] Vibe, Hugsnotdrugs

TENSHIN [J-Core/Trance/DnB] League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen

FALLOUT [Punkcore/Speedcore] Atomic Soundwave


All Ages with 19+ area

(to drink must be 19+ with valid ID)


Tickets $30 in advance

NO SERVICE FEE - Interac E-transfer, PayPal - http://plurtastik.ca/

NO SERVICE FEE - Cash in person -Peter Plurtastik, Mushy Tea

$40 at the door until full


Phoenix Concert Theatre

410 Sherbourne St, Toronto



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i find it awesome that events and things are still posted pretty often.

would love ta go to this. I would chill in chernobyl. <3

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