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Looking for info on modern Glowstringing

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I'm an old member of this site (I'm glad I remember my user and pw :gsc:)  and I haven't been in touch with glowstringing for a long time because I got into poi through fire spinning.


Anyways, the reason I'm back is I want to relearn some old stuff but also know what path/styles modern glowstringing (and non-stringing dance) has taken.  I only have a week before I leave my country for a developing nation in the south pacific with limited internet access so I want to download a bunch of resources and videos so I have what I need to learn already stored in an offline format. Could you share with me your favorite videos of the last years and maybe some videos/channels/web-resources that specifically teach glowstringing (and non-stringing) techniques?


In return, a video of myself spinning about the time I started doing poi. :smilewinkgrin:


Thank you.


ps. I also got really into meteor at one point, does anyone pratice that too? Care to share a video maybe?

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