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One Year In Europe


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So I've definitely been gone from the community for QUITE some time! But most of it being gone I was away in the Air Force living in Italy. Taking a deployment to Iraq.


While in Iraq in '11 I happened to notice lights whirling around quite like back in '06 when I first started learning to string. It was weird.... I hadn't been stringing "religiously" for a while and I'm still seeing the love and vibe moving forward. I had to approach the guy and see what was going on. Naturally I heard some Darude coming from his laptop along with some Hardstyle. Reminded me of when I first started.


Anywho I asked the guy if I could borrow his strings for a sec and go for it. He was looking at me a little astounded as for 1. A black guy 2. in iraq (on base mind you) 3. He prolly thought i was just trying to be a hipster and make friends or something along the lines.


I went at it. Pulling Strightjackets, Oribtals, BTB Weave, Reverse Weave, Butterflys. much of what I'm sure now is the BASICS lol.


So after trying to teach him some moves I went back to my little Hut and remenisced about how bad on GS.C we would like to post videos from our latest party trips. So it got me influenced to make a video about all the partying,events, clubbing, and good times I had while in Europe.


It doesn't have any Freehanding/Stringing but still would like to show how the vibe is out in Europe.


I hope you all enjoy it! as much as I do!


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