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So, my sister brought this to my attention the other day.

"If the pen is mightier than the sword, then why do actions speak louder than words?"

-The pen creates written words which takes an action of writing. The sword has a double edged meaning to it. The actions used by the sword remarkably, are known too often to result in death. Where as the actions taken by the pen can create... far more versatile options. Write a book, a journal, a play, a law, a cute note, a letter to home, the child learning how to spell and becoming educated, checking off on a bucket list, etc. The sword however...defends our rights to use the pen, but in the same aspect.. Words can cut just as bad, and has resulted in death on numerous occasions..

is the hypothesis so far.


Take for somewhat of an example, a peace treaty at the end of an ugly war. Pretty much all the fighting was done for nothing, when diffrences are pretty much settled with conversation? Ending up in a written document. A kid getting bullied in school or even adults. who wont stand up for themselves, they could have written a speech/letter whatever, for their tormenters and with mere conversation, if strong enough, could change that persons outlook..?

and some shit about saying anything and everything you want. Pretty much being hypocritical. When your actions will show your true colors.


My homeboy and i have been round and round on this.

i keep thinking about this pretty hard.

and was wondering if i would get input from you guys..

what your thoughts on this would be?

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In addition to the peace treaty, the pen also writes and signs the declaration of war that results in the killing of thousands, sometimes millions.

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Given the fact that I'm somewhat tired and therefor not in the mood of writing a very long reply, I'll keep it pretty simple. With a pen you are able to pretty much create every result which you can create with a sword, but not only that, you are capable of doing far more with a pen than with a sword. As for the action speaks louder than words part, I think this should be seen more in the light of judging people for what they do. People might say they do one thing but actually do another.



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I think the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword" is referring to the distribution and conveyance of news and ideas. There's so many philosophies out there, all because of a device which records information. Presently, videos seem to be the most popular form of media used to stir up emotions. 

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What about this ??

this damn thing stays in the back of my mind.


What is it but a sword, that will smite the smiters. The sharpend pens allows us the only true freedom to be or say what it is we want. Actions are still louder if you can hear the underlying message that the pen refuses to write..

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