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Hello all

I am new to this site, but based on my experience in the chatroom, I feel good about sharing my issues in this thread.

I have been single my whole life. I have never had any luck with women. Every girl I have asked out has rejected me, lied to me, or ,in the most extreme case, attempted suicide.

I am now in college, but in terms of my luck with women, it is just like high school. I am so frustrated, I am actually considering giving up on women altogether.

NOTE: I will NOT turn gay, I just won't waste my time with women.

Any thoughts or advice is welcome

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Women are bat shit insane. (no offense girls, I know plenty of you who would quickly agree with that statement.) In order to be with one you have to learn how to deal with a mental patient. There's a ton of them out there and their insanity is of varying levels, but if you can find one whose insanity you can learn to somewhat deal with you'll be doing just as well as any of the rest of us.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and should be taken as such. I will not speak in absolutes and of course there are exceptions to the following statement I am about to make.


I believe the fundamental difference between males and females is what effects decisions they make. More often that not, men base decions and actions on logic and reason where women turn to emotion and feeling. There are pros and cons to both of course. I'm in no way saying that either sex is superior. I believe that this difference in core values is what causes the majority of disagreements or misunderstandings between the two sexes.

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Females are really weird and complicated. I'm a female and I think that of A LOT of other females. I mean..if that chick really attempted suicide after being asked out, she has issues of her own.

I'm not really sure what advice you're asking for or if you're just venting..

But don't let it get to you. I know it's easier said than done, but you gotta try.

You're only in your second semester of college, so take it easy. Focus on your work mostly, and maybe join a few clubs that interest you. We have a poi/fire performance club here at FAU. I met a lot of cool people in the College Gaming League. I meet someone new everyday when I go to the student union. And I try to go to football games or campus events with friends. So give those a shot, maybe?

College is the best place for meeting new people, I think.

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Being weird is what I'm known for at my school :)

Anyway, I always say that there is someone out there for everyone.

If you can find someone that likes the same stuff as you then maybe she's the one.

I'm not saying I'm experienced at this stuff, having never had a boyfriend befiore, but this is my veiw on it.

Good luck :P

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