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I've always wondered

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I liked this thread more when no one knew what the hell I was talking about. LOL It's possible that still no one does.

I figured someone eventually would pick up what I was puttin' down. So you get a Bozo button for your insight. :clap:

Everyone knows who Bozo is right? or am I showing how ancient I am by mentioning him?



Sorry to spoil your fun?

I noticed that since I usually watch for new members. It caught me off guard.

And sorry, I don't know Bozo. I haven't been here that long, almost two years :( Explain?

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Bozo isn't a glowsticker ...he is a clown. full name is Bozo the Clown.

It was a morning show for like 30+ years on WGNTV here in Chicago & I believe WGN is in most regions of the US. The most famous clown in the world. Along with Wizzo (doody doody doo) & Cookie the Clown.

In fact Krusty the Clown from the Simpson's is based off of Bozo the Clown. another piece of evidence that the Simpsons' Springfield is in Illinois.


So it's a saying that everyone grew up with around here, meaning a prize of very, very small value.





I'm old.

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There's still some guy that calls himself Bozo, but he's whack. The OG died and then the guy we would know has retired.


I''m the dropping clown knowledge today.

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I'm pretty sure for every one post posted, the site goes up by two posts. A bunch of those members that were logged on were probably ad bots, along with dopplegangbangers.



Glitchy site is glitchy.

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what the hell was going on at 12:46 am on December 7th 2010?

Someone has to know =/

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War Of World's?


Sometimes I feel like Bozo.

'Cause silly shit, is good shit !

Always thougby it was a story.

Was there literally A guy,

who went by the name Bozo

and just boomed.

'Cause that was before said interwebs. ?




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