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Beta Nightclub Sucks!


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This club is garbage.


Too many snobby people and the security simply doesn't know what they're doing. The place is for wannabe high class slobs. A kindergarden class could do a better job of running/ organizing a business than the worthless wankers they have working as of January 20th at Beta Nightclub.





Not to mention all the security members are ALWAYS getting in your way while ignorantly cutting you off and giving you a childlike attitude if you don't step out of their way.





OH...and be warned: (if you decide to waste your $25.00 at Beta) DON'T GO ALONE. You will more than likely be escorted out of the club for being antisocial and accused of being entirely too intoxicated.





Dancers/Shufflers: This club is not at all intended for dancing since the floors at this particular club are everything but tolerable. It'll be a rare occasion to find a spot where your feet aren't stuck to the floor due to the lack of sanitation.


This club doesn't at all carry a happy/friendly dance floor. There are mostly mindless drunks aimlessly bombarding through the highest populated areas of the venue and you will mostly likely see the intermittent out of control ego flipping clubber calling everyone out trying to start a fight. The club is much too small and is always running a muggy 80 degree interior. Especially the beatport lounge upstairs (that place is an oven). So be sure to bring a full wallet, waters are $3.00..





Watch out* Don't walk by the security with any kind of alcoholic drink if you are underage (even outside the venue) they'll push and push and wont stop until they get a whiff of whatever your sipping.





Don't bring anything that glows since these club toys aren't allowed and will be thrown away by security at the door. Tiesto was hit by a glow stick while he was DJing at Beta in the past so instead of simply installing a thin layer of plexiglass to separate the DJ booth from the crowd they decided to ruin the fun for all by banning everything that glows...





I'de feel better giving my $25 to one of the many beggars that I'm always greeted by upon exiting the club than to feed this sad excuse for a dance club.





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lol. that's cool dude, but most of us will disagree.


If I were you, and wanted to complain about a club, I'd contact the club directly. Sorry to hear about your bad night

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