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[Video] AstralFlo 6 months


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Name: AstralFlo 6 months

Category: 2011 Glowstringing Videos

Date Added: 12 September 2011 - 05:22 PM

Submitter: AstralFlo

Short Description: None Provided


This is my six month glowsticking vid, sorry for repeating a lot my combos wallbash.gif that night but it was my first time using ultras and were too heavy at the time to incorporate a lot of stuff i had worked on with some really light sticks (inovas) and I might release a new video on a couple of weeks or somethin for my 7 1/2 months or maybe even quicker than you expect. so thanks for watching and i hope u enjoy, and a quick thank you to everyone in gsc and my friends for helping me in this form of art i enjoy so much smilewinkgrin.gif




Sooo a comment, rate or subscribe would be very appreciated;).gif


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pretty fucking sweet video dude. It is quite long though, you should cut it in half as far as length.

6 months you say. I wish I had video after my six months and trust it was not like this. Everyone seems to learn so much quicker these days.

I don't know if I was bashed, but yeah nice video.

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