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Anyone heard of this place??

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So I was getting ready to leave the house when a friend stops by.

He tells me that he wants to know where I get my music and how I know all the genres and all.

I'm just kinda like...welllll.

Then he starts talking to me about this beta site. (started complaining about how people don't know what dubstep is)

It's http://turntable.fm/

Right now, it's in beta mode.

But, you can get in if you have a FB friend that's already in.

So, if you want to know a little more about it, FB me. XD

It's basically going around 5 people who are up at the DJ booth.

Just play a song and then move on to the next person.

It has a catalog of songs that you can build a playlist out of and you can also upload to it.

Also features a small chat on the side.

I've found it to be pretty fun.

It's a great place for someone with no turntable experience whatsoever to just play a song for a virtual room of people and have fun.

Thinking about maybe hosting a room sometime.

GSC meetup with ghetto avatars. =D


EDIT: I'll be online late nights, just hit up the Facebook to find out.

Current favorite room: http://turntable.fm/trance_out

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This sounds interesting. I'll hit you up on facebook sometime soon, I'd be willing to give it a try.

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Is it possibruu ¿¡

I use DJS5, also for my android.

LoopyFruit generated FX,

Maybe I'll record someday.

But I'm tellin you, right now it's fckn messy.

FAcebook deleted me.

screwfacebook !


Who has anythiing.. New ?



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