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[Video] Lira - 12.16.08

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Name: Lira - 12.16.08

Category: Poi and Other Miscellaneous Light Dances

Date Added: 13 May 2011 - 02:37 PM

Submitter: Ph0toN

Short Description: None Provided


Flow Wand. new video:

The day after I got my flow-wand in the mail, I experimented with it for an hour or two, recorded a few clips, and picked out the more interesting bits. This is the result of that first practice session; the wand's an incredible joy to dance with, and I'm looking forward to improving with it. Enjoy! Music: "Now Three" - Vienna Teng, my favorite artist. EDIT: Sorry, I know I'm not moving very much. Disclaimer: You can't quite see it, but I'm wedged between a bookshelf and a pool table. Not much movement allowed. I'll work on it!


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