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Breaking News: LA Coliseum Official Found Also To be Working for Insomniac


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From LA Times: Rave support shrinks in light of Coliseum official's alleged conflict of interest


The head of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission on Wednesday withdrew his support for bringing a giant rave back to the stadium after The Times disclosed that an administrator for the agency worked at the same time for the producer of the trouble-plagued event.


Commission President David Israel's pledge to oppose a return of the Electric Daisy Carnival came as two investigations were launched into Todd DeStefano's simultaneous employment by the Coliseum and the producer, Insomniac Inc.


"The integrity of the Coliseum is not for sale by any commissioner or any member of the staff," said Israel, who had previously backed Insomniac's events.



The company has been staging raves at the stadium and the neighboring Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, which the commission also runs, since 1998. Electric Daisy is a major revenue source for the Coliseum.


The DeStefano controversy also prompted Commissioner Rick Caruso to call Wednesday for the resignation of Commission General Manager Patrick Lynch. In addition, it spilled into the race between Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, who is a rave proponent, and his challenger on the March ballot.

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"...the Electric Daisy Carnival delivers 4,000 jobs and $33 million in revenue for the city."

Not bad for a city that's in severe debt.


In my opinion, this Caruso dude and Dennis Romero (reporter for the LA Weekly) are just trying to put a stop to EDC. It's also ridiculous to say that all "raves" should be canceled until promoters can insure no drugs can get into venues. Insomniac has done a lot up until this point to ensure the safety of their attendees and it's ridiculous to think it can be eradicated with such ease.


I'm sure Insomniac will be releasing a statement/press release soon enough.

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