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Florida Contact Thread!


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Top Posters In This Topic

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THE FLORIDA MEMBER CONTACT THREAD because we really suck at planning meet-ups..   So it's come to many of our realizations, that Florida can't plan meet-ups for crap. Not since '08. We had

Member name: Epsilon Kias

Name: Daniel. S

Location: Tavernier, Florida

Region: Other(Florida Keys)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000397485242

Email: Dan_burn@hotmail.com

Phone: 812-327-1419

Style: All sorts, An emphasis is put on Stringing ,however.

GSC Status: Oldbie. Joined in April 2004. Active all this time as a member of the Midwest area. Currently lives in the Upper Keys, but is heading to Texas to take part in Air Force Basic Military Training, and then to Pensacola for Tech School.



EDIT: Updated Info.

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Real Name: Luis Perez

Location: Coral Springs, FL

Region: Miami

AIM: GiRheartsLuis

Skype: GiRheartsLuis

Style: Free Hand

GSC Status: Member, Active-ish

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Member name: Cybrpunk

Name: Sean

Location: Davie

Region: South

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/seanmwinn

Style: Stringing, Freehand, Handles, Glow Arts, FIRE Poi, Staff, Doubles, Clubs, Devil Sticks, anything that makes me feel alive!

GSC Status: Resident dinosaur and fairly non-active on this site but will still venture here every once in a while to see what's going on. I do most organizing through Facebook for anything related to meet ups.

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Member Name: straightravin

Real Name: Eric

Location: Cape Coral

Region: Tampa (I'm two hours south of Tampa, or about three hours from Miami)

AIM: 'straightravin' or 'bookfox'

MSN: n/a

Skype: n/a

MySpace: myspace.com/bookfox

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bookfox

E-mail: straightravin@aol.com or bookfox@aol.com

Phone: I don't want to post this for the whole internet to see, so either ask for it via email, or add me on facebook.

It's listed on my info page.

Style: I'm just starting, but prefer stringing.

GSC Status: Member, Active *no need to change this, if you're posting you're active*


I apologize for just now posting this; I got the email when it was sent out, but couldn't post from my phone.

We've just installed DSL at home, so I will be more active now.

Edited by straightravin
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Real Name: Bill

Region: Tampa

Style: I used to attempt to freehand. :b

GSC Status: Member, Active once or twice a year. ;)


I've met up with people a few years ago.. not sure if any of them are around anymore :b I went to UMF with some people from here. UMF is coming again so I figured I would stop by, and see if anyone that sounds familiar is coming.

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Member Name: Moo321

Real Name: Michael

Location: Palm Bay

Region: Central Florida

AIM: n/a

MSN: n/a

Skype: n/a

MySpace: n/a

Facebook: id=100000659803565

E-mail: [undisclosed]

Style: Strings


I've noticed that most of you guys are either 3 hours north or south of me.

Add me on facebook , I'll watch this thread and msg some of you guys.

Only 3-4 people in my area are into it , road trip <3

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Member Name: Jcub

Real Name: J-Cub

Location: Pensacola (last stop before you leave Florida and enter AL)

Region: West Florida (Panhandle)

Facebook: .com/JcubFlows

Youtube: .com/JcubFlows

Style: Stringer for life!

GCS Status: GS.C AVID!!

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Member Name: thegreattailz

Real Name: Ben

Location: Tampa/Miami

Region: Tampa/Miami

AIM: thegreattails


Skype: n/a, never use it

MySpace: /thegreattailz

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001572691814

E-mail: thegreattailz@hotmail.com

Phone: 941-565-9560

Style: Glowstringing

GSC Status: Member, Active


Homebase is in Lauderdale/Hollywood

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^Just added ya on facebook, i wound up getting a new cell so i lost your number, i havent been out in awhile, car has been down for a few months. but im hosting a meetup in tampa, its maybe like 20 min from ya, just take 60 to 275 to exit 44 east (ashley st) and head to the convention center.

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Member Name: Aya

Real Name: Sean

Location: Milton

Region: Pensacola / Navarre

AIM: n/a

MSN: n/a

Skype: x1sean1x

MySpace: n/a

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001410662810

E-mail: bassik@live.com

Phone: Add me on facebook for phone information

Style: Stringing, Shuffling, B-Boying, Fire Poi, etc.

GSC Status: Member, Active

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Hey mike, nice to see you joined, i actually live in holiday. So def pretty close. Once i have a running car im trying to do a meetup soon. Let me know if you're ever down for any meetups. Do you string or freehand? Im not the best at stringing but im sure i can teach you something if you are just starting out. Florida isnt the most active state, but def stay on the forums, im in tinychat mostly, you can catch me in there, or on facebook.

Edited by Rorok
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Member Name: bitsmart

Real Name: Drew

Location: Kissimmee

Region: Orlando

AIM: iambitsmart

MySpace: bitsmart's band page

Facebook: My Profile

E-mail: bitsmart0@gmail.com

Phone: 407-922-9868

Style: Liquid, digitz, freehand, popping, waving, tutting, Saccin', floating/gliding, boogaloo, botting

GSC Status: Member, Inactive for meet-ups due to current life circumstances, i.e. work & finances

Shameless self-promotion: I am willing to give dance lessons in the Orlando area for any of the styles I practice for a "modest fee" to support my income so that maybe I can have the time to participate more in this community I love so much, and feel that I owe so much to. The philosophy of this community may be that dance knowledge should be free, which I agree with, but I'm also trying to use every resource at my disposal to pay the bills and make it in the real world, including my dance skills. Despite the fact I may go months or even years without logging into this site, I still consider myself a member and occasionally crack a pair of sticks to stay in practice.

Edited by bitsmart
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Member Name: Aya

Real Name: Sean Barry

Location: Milton, Florida

Region: Pensacola / Gulf Breeze



Skype: x1sean1x

MySpace: n/a

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PerformanceArtist

E-mail: plur1993@live.com

Phone: N/A

Style: Glowstringing, Melbourne Shuffling, Tech Poi, Fire Performing, and some Breakdancing

GSC Status: Member, Active

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