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WMC 2011 and Ultra Music Festival 2011 Dates Announced


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Winter Music Conference (WMC) just announced it's dates for 2011 and it's confirmed that it is now taking place two weeks prior than usual. Instead of the typical last week in March to coincide with the ending extravaganza known as Ultra Music Festival (UMF), it will take place March 8th through the 12th. Doesn't seem like UMF is too worried as they've just recently announced their dates to remain in place, with the only difference being an added day. That's right, UMF is now three days starting March 25th through the 27th.


Considering that UMF has always been hailed as WMC's ending extravaganza, it only makes people wonder what went wrong. Perhaps contracts just ended, or bad blood between management. All we know is that no one was really notified and most club owners, promoters, and DJs remain stunned. Armin Van Buuren has been left out of the loop considering his 500th episode of A State Of Trance (ASOT) was scheduled for March 26th to coincide with WMC festivities and was even promoted as such. Who knows what other arrangements clubs will need to make in order to make it in time for WMC.

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