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Glowsticking Etiquette: sessioning


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If someone is glowsticking and you want to session with them, what is the proper way to approach them?


Jebsax2006 writes:


Going right up to them while they are in the middle of glowsticking and sticking in their face is not a good way to do it. This recently happened to me @ Meltdown Music Festival, and I mistook the person as a battler. I ran away XD


Wait till the person finishes glowsticking (for the most part). Approach them, and start a conversation with them about what you liked about that glowsticker's style... or, what you're currently working on/ what you want to learn.


Be respectful of others! Let people have their own space... If you are kind to them I can't imagine someone who wouldn't love to share their passion for glowsticking with you!


Let me know what you think regarding this or any other related glowsticking etiquette issue by following the link below.

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Usually people who want to session usually ask questions like that. It's the people stick more for themselves and not interested in learning about the other person's style (maybe unintentionally, because they are introverted or just inward thinking) that just start sticking in front of people's faces. Or they are really socially awkward.

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I don't mind other people spinning near me as im not doing it to try and get people to focus on me, im just feeling the music and if someone wants to come feel it with me thats awesome :)


personally I find that when I'm at massives when me and my friends start spinning, other spinners will see us and come spin with us.



after a while there will be 6+ of us all spinning together.


and when the song stops or the dj switches we all talk and share moves.

so much fun :)

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I can recall both instances happening.


Once, the guy waited until I sat down for a smoke and a drink of water, the other guy kept yelling at me or tapping me on the shoulder whilst I was dancing.


Just let someone dance in peace until they make it apparent they are done for a minute. We all need a break from time to time.

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