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Hey, guys. I am a regular on the liquid and digitz community Floasis, where we actually have some overlap with glowsticking members. I hate for my first post to be "promotional" (ie, spam) in nature, but I know some of you guys like liquid and there is a lot of crossover between our two arts. We're all ravers, after all, and at least I'm not trying to sell you boner pills, yeah? Just a little disclosure, I'm crossposting this between Floasis, Melbourne Shuffle, and West Coast Poppin, so I'm sorry if you are seeing this in different places.


I've been doing liquid seriously for about a decade or so, and I learned directly from members of the now defunct Liquid Pop Collective. From going to parties and clubs, I felt that many people enjoy or practice liquid, but for whatever reason (too busy, not obsessed, etc.), they do not engage in liquid message boards. I wanted to put a good source of information out there for people who are casually interested in liquid, so I started a blog called The Liquid Digest. The Liquid Digest will focus on general liquid/digitz news, articles, op-ed pieces, clips, interviews, and more.


You guys are welcome to submit content as well! I would really like to publish what all sorts of dancers (especially ravers) think about liquid, be it on history, approach to dance, personal experiences, etc. Please be aware that submissions are subject to editing, but I promise not to change meanings, omit facts, or change writing style. I just want something that is easily readable and looks professional, and I will run the edits by you before publishing, unless I do not know how to get a hold of you.


Also, I tend to just put up whatever I think is relevant. If you see content from yourself that you would not like up on my blog, please let me know and I will take it down.


All feedback is appreciated, love or hate. If you want to say something anonymously, you can do so via the "Ask Me Anything" at the top of the blog. Sorry again for the spam. Much respect to your awesome dancing, it is inspirational for many of us liquid dancers, and I hope you read/enjoy my blog.


The Liquid Digest

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