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THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH....   THE NO STRINGS ATTACHED PART OF GSC IS GONA BE BUZZING   every time you the freehander reading this will post.....   dont care how long dont care of what...

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Practiced today while i was chilling in TC.

Found out it's not too hard to use flowlights in freehand work.

I admit, it is a tiny bit awkward.

Tosses are getting cleaner and I'm expanding my traces to flow better.



And during class today, I worked on isolations while the lights were dimmed and our prof was presenting a video.

Hands are feeling a little sore, but that's a good sign.

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I've been doing quite a bit of "no stick" practice lately. I probably do that more than I actually practice with sticks in my hands, but somehow when I'm not holding the sticks my fingers and hands still frequently make the subtle motions they'd be making to manipulate the sticks.

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These poor people on the bus.

I practiced while going down the elevator.

While in the bus on the way to my apartment.

All of these crazy things happen when I have no legs.

It's quite awesome.

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Just practiced a bit after ages of not doing crap, recorded something, probably will post something later on. Dropped them tons of times as well.

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*juss got done,


Im under a month of practicing freehand.

i believe ive become somewhat.. Obsessed.

i NEVER put my sticks down and when i do

im learning something new every time i pick them back up.

eventually, when i become more comfortable with them.. ill post a video.

for noww,




go GSC<3

this is a great site! :)

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I'm linking together more of my focused traces as well as putting my threads together with tosses.

And I can honestly say I don't miss my strings.

At all.

One bit.

I am fixated on my freehanding.

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practicing now.



fascinated. you want me to toss this in the aiir what!? i mean i played with glowsticks as a kid but..tracing.spinning. obsessed?


invert that shiit.


figure 8,


ann switch.


-im in love


*got to find my floww.

2hours, ill be out. cold.

an im going out with a bass





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Filmed all my footage for my video last night.

And danced around my apartment.

Today, I practiced at the bus stop and on the rail.

It was awesome.

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I didn't even know this topic existed or I'd be posting here everyday. xD


But seriously this should get moved to the sandbox so people who practice a lot don't have artificially high post counts.....

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Hi !


-Still trying to learn all the little things

like, said three beat combination :)

at least terminolgies && such.


bahh! tried it. ..will save that practice for a later date.

and this wide array of astounding music.


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