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LED sticks


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Hello i am pretty new to glowsticking and after being taught by a few friends and learning how to glowstick i have decided to make myself some LED sticks


but because i work with electronics alot i am going to make "The Ultimate Sticks"




+ SuperCaps

+ Accelerometer


if anyone who is more of a glowsticking expert can tell me what colors look good for what it'l help me program them


plus i am open to cool freatures so please post if you have anything to add



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can u fit all that into a glowstick?


to me and prolly everyone else the ultimate glowstick would be...




weight of a glowstick

good battery life

light is well distributed


those are just some things u should work toward =)

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yeah it'll all fit, plus its got a super cap, it'll ahve about a 15 min life then you charge it for a few seconds and it'll go for another 15

dam that'll be kool when you think you'll have those ready?


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i agree with C money. also it is good to have it have a good on/off switch. plus have it be for stringing and freehand while still being balanced and whatever. u need it to be very durable and not flicker too.


nice job tho, hopefully this turns out nice


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the main thing is durability. second is weight and balance. it needs to be balanced. it needs to be about the same weight as a real 6 inch glowstick. it also needs to have a soft shell so you don't bleed when you get hit


otherwise it'll only be good for poi.

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they are very durable, they will be suspended in hollowed out sticks with epoxy


also they dont need an on/off switch, they are powered on supercaps,

they take like 15 seconds to charge and last about 10-20 min


also white is possible


red = red

green = green

blue = blue

red+green+blue = white


also there is 1 button on then which is for mode select


and about selling them, i would prolly sellem for like 45 - 50 a pair which will come with 2 sticks and a charger

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OK new update therefore new post,


I am trying to order parts within the week for a prototype and also look into getting boards or just making my own


i hope i have enuff money from when i get paid today but if not i am always open for donations

(paypal is DACRepair@gmail.com)

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wait so... are these bulbs all facing outwards? like its not facing up or down, but to the side? i dunno how this is gonna work


as to daves comment


i think its durability, visibilty of light, shape, balance, weight. than all the other little things.


hopefully this works out. so far im really confused, and if im right about what i THINK i see, than it doesnt seem like its gonna work lol. DONT forget, we want more than 2 inches of light. like 3 1/2 at least.

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awww.. its only lasts a short time...

so what is the charger like? is it like one of those adapters?

or something small that uses batteries

cauz if its an adaptor one you wont be able to take em out to raves and clubs.


sounds good tho.

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the charger will be a lil that that pops ontop of a 9v battery and you plug into the bottom, it plugs into a 6pin plug in the bottom (some are for programming in light modes)


and yeah they are all facing out and the tube is going to be diffused so it'll pickup the light


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