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Cars to ride in and/or drive before you die?


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Alright so, since I've gotten into the tuner scene (or at least, spectating it) I've been seeing cars or hearing about cars that I want to ride in/drive (if possible) before I die....So I started making a list...most are common...and stupid...all have their reasons but for the most part I'd rather they be modded out, but anyone else have a list like this?


- 240SX w/ SR20 swap (ridden in and drove)

- 240SX w/RB25 swap (ridden in...today actually)

- Toyota Supra (turbo and twin-turbo)

- MR2 w/ Supercharged 6-Cylinder

- 350Z and/or Infiniti G35 w/ twin-turbo kit

- Skyline

- Ferrari (any really...rode in a Testarrosa (sp?) before)

- Lambo

- Evo and/or STi (newer)

- S/C Mustang

- 67-69 Corvette Stingray

- 68-69 Camaro SS

- 65 Mustang (just because...)


I dunno, just a quick list....figured we could all share stories. Latest was that 240SX with the RB25 swap...here's the video if you want to check it out...nothing crazy but it sounds nice.


96 240SX (non-SE model) w/ RB25 Swap done by Impo Performance


IPB Image


IPB Image

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98 gsx eclipse gt35r turbo(ridden in crazy ass car)

98 i believe rt-10 viper(ridden in cuz my bro was gonna purchase it)

69 camaro ss mad mods dont remember cuz it was so long ago but it lit on fire crazy

89 tta with t67 11sec car(only cuz its my bros)

88 gn with bigger turbo

supra single turbo auto tho. still quick

cant remember any more but im sure cuz i grew up around tons of rides.


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IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


I currently drive a first generation Lexus GS300. I'd love to stick with the GS series (or IS if I can fit into them, but I'm a big guy and my legs are too long for a lot of vehicles.)


Sexy car. This will be something I can buy in my lifetime, at that.

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