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Does Any One Know How To Make These?

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Hey guys, I was Wondering if any one could help me. I want to make some tight kandi so when I go to raves I can give them out. I would like ot learn how to make one of these:




If any body knows how or knows a good Vid. That shows u how plez let me know.

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If your going to follow a pattern or wanting to design an image in your kandi (like the mushroom above) then I suggest either buying beading paper at a craft store or locate a program called EasyBead. its a small, free program where you can make a pattern and see how it will turn out.


The best types of pictures to use in kandi are sprites from video games. This way each block of color can represent one bead. Look up maro brother sprites and you can make some badass ones.

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Yea, easy bead is a wonderful program for making designs, Here is the design i used to make this Mario kandi, it is not the same as the kandi that they had but i <3 it




and here is how it turned out





and here is a 3ed shot of it, not at a party




I actually added 1 extra row of purple XD when making it


there is some nice instructions on how to make a few types of kandi here




Sorry i just like showing off my kandi XD

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