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Jin Smylez's Poetic-ness

Jin Smylez

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From now on I'm going to start writing here :)

I want to start writing more, and I figure I can post my stuff here and get comments critiques etc.

I have never had any type of training or classes. I simply write as a self expression.

I tend to write using illustrations to get my thoughts out there. Recently, I used stars to represent people, and black holes to represent people who are deeper, with more meaning in themselves, and who is the person who completely sucks you in, and you can never escape from. Perhaps someone you have always loved and can't seem to get over.


I also wrote a little two liner, it was, " Life may at times take unexpected turns, don't forget to buckle up." I was trying to stress the point that if you don't keep your feet on the ground and keep your goals in front of you, you might lose everything when life throws you those curve-balls.



Anyway, I plan to write once a day or two, most likely at night.


Enjoy! :D


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At times you may ask someone, "So hows life?". With which you may get the response, "It has it's ups and downs."


This reply is relative to a simple beat in a song. A kick drum, and then a snare. The low pitched kick, then the higher pitched snare. "kick, snare, kick, snare..."


If we related life and a simple up and down beat, then most all songs would be a relation to life.

Persisting and unwavering, it may build, plateau, slow, accelerate, fade, double-time, maybe the low part dies out and leaves you just the highs, or vice versa.


If we can make such a distinct relation of our lives to a songs beat, how shall we interpret the words?

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