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Kandi and Crafts tutorials[Kandi] Chevron Design

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File Name: [Kandi] Chevron Design

File Submitter: DreiHarteZero

File Submitted: 1 Sep 2009

File Category: Kandi and Crafts tutorials

Music: No Information

People: DreiHarteZero



Welcome to another Glowsticking.com Kandi Tutorial. This is for the Chevron multi tutorial done by DreiHarteZero. Basically, it works the same as a diagonal striped multi. For this, simply measure out 1 and a half times the length of your arm for the entire piece. This is 36 beads around, with 3 colors, 2 beads for each color on the bottom row. Hope this helps, and check out more videos by Glowsticking.com. If you have any constructive criticism or comments, please leave a comment and rate appropriately.


Suggestions for more tutorials are always appreciated.


Size: 46.7MB




Click here to download this file

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Great Job man!!!!! I like the tutorial!!!!

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