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Well I was Lurking threw some old Kandi posts and found someone posted a program called easy bead programs, and here is a 2 patterns i plan on making (currently simplified with least amount of beads used) That I'm hopping to make soon, one for each arm, about 7 inches around my wrist and 3-4 inches down my wrist to make a large bracelet

The first one was just messing around with the program (white beads are clear/see-threw)



and this one I was modeling after a wallpaper i have



This is the 2ed version of the last one with a different pattern



Just tell me how I can improve these patterns, and I hope i can pick up some supply's soon to be able to make and take photos of them


This is the wallpaper I was trying to copy



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I like those!!!!! Great work! Easy bead pattern is a great program!!!!! can't wait to see them beaded

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Looks awesome!!

I need to get around to making sum kandi for massive ekkk



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