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software to use?


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Anybody have any recommendations on what software I should get to mix? I was going to get a pro version of Virtual DJ, but I figured there was better out there so...


anybody recommend anything?

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Serato Scratch Live and/or Itch have my vote if you plan on playing out. Tossed my CD decks to purchase it; never looked back. (Now, never mind that I now have CD decks, turntables, and SSL. :D)


Here's my breakdown of the top three DVSes (digital vinyl solutions/software):

- SSL: not a lot of wacky features, but very stable. About as standard as Technics turntables.

- Traktor: tons of features (four decks, VST), but a resource hog and less stable than SSL. The 4-deck version is much more expensive than the other DVSes out there.

- Torq: very obvious clone of Traktor. Less features and much less stable. Still, it's the least expensive of the three.


If you just want to try your hand at mixing, check out Mixxx: http://www.mixxx.org/

It's free and open-source software that runs on just about anything, even Linux (or perhaps more correctly: "especially Linux"). However, you get what you pay for. Grab Mixxx and a decent MIDI controller, and you can start mixing for next to nothing. Just beware that it is not a professionally supported piece of software: you will be your own tech support most of the time. Still, it's a good place to dip your feet in to test the waters.


If you are going to play live gigs, and you are serious about DJing, there is pretty much one name in the game: SSL. It has fewer features than the competition, but it is much more stable, and requires fewer system resources. I gigged with an early version of SSL (before it even had pitch correction) on a 400Mhz Powerbook G4 for nearly a year at events with as many as 600-800 people, and never had any issues. It has never crashed. Never. Three laptops, one desktop, and several years in between; not one problem.


I have to compare my situation to that of another local DJ who, after three months, can't get Traktor to stay up. I have to compare this to a friend of mine whom I have seen bow out of two gigs due to issues with Torq and/or his Torq XPonent controller. I have to compare this to another DJ who is no longer allowed to play at a monthly rave because his Torq setup (on an Alienware laptop, so you know it has the power) crashed repeatedly during one of his sets.


Aaaaaand in the features department, SSL's received a lot of upgrades, such as a sampler and additional effects, so it's gaining on the competition there as well. There's also the VideoSL plugin that allows live VJing (on my upgrade wish list for 2010 :D). But the important thing is the stability and ease of use.

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