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Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince

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So I just came back from watching Harry Potter 6 the movie...... and honestly I am really let down. They seriously left out so much, and left out probably the best parts! The ending in the movie did no justice what so ever to the actual book.


Where did Dumbledore's Army go? Funeral.......?


Not saying it was a bad movie, but I really felt that they could have done better. They added a lot more love interaction stuff between the characters, which was chill haha.


I think the one thing that made this movie experience fun, was that I caught the midnight showing. A lot of people dressed up, and the I love how the crowd really laughed and interacted with the movie. And hey they were also throwing some beach balls around during the previews =P. Fun crowd haha.


Gah... ok whatevs. So what are your thoughts on this?

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Sigh, disappointed as well. It was still a good movie, but as a fan of the books, sigh. You already hit some points, here's some of mine.


Where the hell did all the ghosts go? And guess we have to wait till the next movie to meet Minister Scrimgeour.


Finally get back to Quiditch after too long an absence but we only get one game?


And like you said, seriously, the ending? I have a feeling we're not going to be seeing Bill and Fleur's wedding in the next movie due to the cutting and plot tweaking (mid movie fight with the explosive ending *don't want to spoil that!) so far. In fact I have a feeling the next two movies are going to be really disappointing because of alot of the stuff they've cut from the previous movies.

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I was pretty disappointed in the ending as well. They didn't have the big fight. Bill, Fleur, and the minister weren't even mentioned. Also they didn't say who Ferin was, so only the people that read the book knew what a danger he was when he was near Ginny.


Also what was with the Burrow being burnt down? What is that going to do to the beginning of the next movie? They must really go away from the book in the last movie....

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