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Large Multi Cuff With Flowers

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You start out with a single bracelet (i chose yellow as my background to the flowers), then from there, thread a new piece of string thru one bead slide the color you have chosen to make a flower with down the string, so it will be sitting on top of the next yellow bead (in my case) then thread thru the next yellow bead





Continue this pattern all the way around until you are back where you began, then just tie it off like you would a normal bracelet.









Next you are going to start really building your flower. Starting at a yellow bead, thread the string thru your yellow bead and add your flower wall color (green in my case) then thread the string thru the base of your flower. Next is your wall color again then thru the yellow bead once more. Continue all the way around until it looks similar to this:




(as a side note, the purple bead you see in the piece is a letter bead, i put her name on the piece with iridescent letter beads)





Continuing on, we will keep building not only the flower but your background as well. So with a new piece of string starting at the left side of your flower, thread your string thru the green bead and with a color different from your base and your flower (i chose pink) slide the new bead onto the string and bring the thread thru the green bead on the right side. Next come your base color, which is yellow for me. Slide your yellow bead on the string and bring the string thru the left side of your flower again, add your pink bead....






Repeat these two steps alternating all the way around until it looks like this:






Now we are going to finish the flowers and add more background beads, so you start by threading thru your top left green flower bead then slide another green bead and thread thru your right green flower bead. Next slide on a yellow bead and thread that thru your next left green flower bead. Continue around the cuff until it looks like this:






From there you can either continue going up the cuff and make it HUGE:





or you can keep it small and just use your background color after that!



Good luck everyone and happy beading!!!!!!






















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yeee thats mine alrite! :D

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