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Horizontal Multi-Layered Kandi Cuff(Horizontal Multi)

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File Name: Horizontal Multi-Layered Kandi Cuff(Horizontal Multi)

File Submitter: DreiHarteZero

File Submitted: 10 Jul 2009

File Updated: 20 Jul 2009

File Category: Kandi and Crafts tutorials

Music: No Information

People: DreiHarteZero



Welcome to Glowsticking.com's Horizontal Mutli tutorial! For this tutorial, you'll need approximatly ninety beads, or thirty beads of three different colors. I chose 30, because that is my wrist size. plan according to your own wrist. measure out about three times the length of your wrist in stretch magic, adding a little (about half of another loop.) Create a single kandi bracelet, and then continue threading over-under to add more layers.


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