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Trading Kandi on gs.c

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Okay, so I feel like this needs to be addressed because I know a lot of people on here are ready and willing to trade. I would like to establish a few things regarding trade. I know that some of us have had problems in the past with other websites and trades not fully being completed by one party or the other. The good news is, this is GS.C!!!!! This a community of people dedicated to the art of glowsticking, people who have taken glowsticking past the rave culture it started in and made it something special. Residing in this community, is a forum of people dedicated to the art of not just beading, but sewing, knitting, origami, graffiti, led stick making etc! But as far as beading goes, my hopes are that we can also take beading to another level.... Where kandi does not classify you as a "raver", but as an artist. And so the point emerges.

It is my hope that everyone involved in trades on gs.c will behave respectfully and honestly regarding said trades. Let's make sure that if we set up a trade, we follow through with it! Don't be dishonest regarding your trades. It is vital that these trades are completed as agreed upon. The traders will establish what they are trading as well as colors, time frame etc.... If you are unable to complete a trade by the time frame established between the two of you, just like on ebay, let the other trader know!

If trades are not completed and someone is dishonest about these trades, please let me know and I will try to remedy the matter.


That being said, Happy Beading Everyone! Have Fun!


~One World-One Love~

Flora Sunshine

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