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Kandi Kollaboration

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alright, just to reorganize all of what's going on. the contest is no more. now we're having a sort of gallery/(in my words)kollaboration. here's the details.


-What you gotta do is make a piece and take a picture of it or take a picture of a piece previously made, with some way to show it's YOURS and not just one found on goold images (note card with your user name is perfect!). send that picture TO ME, perferably through PM (host it yourself on photobucket if possible!!!)

-there will be different categories to enter for, though the final format of how they'll be shown and stuff is still up in the air. the categories are:

  • single






3D (any style)


-due date is currently set for MAY 1ST (though it may be extended again)

-anyone who submits pictures will get some points (either by an admin or myself, will have to re-confirm that is still in place)


simple enough right? well here's the list of people currently signed up to send in pictures (If anyone is missing or wants to join, let us know and i'll add you to this list):












AS WELL! Some members have taken the inititive to set up a trade along with this, of sorts at least. How they are handling it is still kinda confusing to me, so i'll be editting this as soon as i talk with alouette ^_^' (PM INBOUND!!! XD!!!)


Anyhow, as i was saying, some members are going to be sending pieces to all those who are participating. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED OF ANYONE (as i hope they understand), though even if you don't want to do a trade to everyone at least consider sending them something in thanks/trade for it. I don't believe the pieces you are making for the kollaboration are the trade pieces... so... yea. any words alouette?


These are the people trading pieces to everyone. if you wish to trade just with one person back for a piece, please do so by PMs and such (let me know if you wanna be on this list too, that you're making something for everyone!):


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Can i be in this too? If i get enough supplies i would love to trade with people. But im getting some stuff today so i would like to enter this kandi show-off.

This will be my first time making anything, i have always had a secret love for kandi

i hope i can make cool things and really get caught up in it.

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Can I be on the "making something for everyone" list, please?




oh no, Alouette, you're not doing it anymore? :(

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i need to hear from you guys... may1st is like, the third time it's been pushed back, and i still only have one submission in, after numerous promises. i understand that things happen, but do we still wanna do this?

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thank you Flechard, Earring, and soon to be Snoball for sending in your clips.


with only 4 people so far, a small extension of the weekend i think could help to get at least one or two more people. so Sunday the 3rd will be the final deadline, which hopefully gives some last minute people the chance to take some pictures!


as well, i encourage everyone to trade any pieces they've made for others. while i didn't specifically make my entry pieces for a trade, i'm MORE THAN willing to make a piece for anyone who made one for me. and i've got a trade thread set up right now too ^_^

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We just got out computer back on friday so as soon as i have a chance i am uploading my photos..... i know today is the final deadline... but i dont always have a chance to take photos and upload em.... i will send em by tomorrow arius.....




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I have kandi made and batts for the camera. Internet gets turned on in new house tomorrow. Moving makes things very hectic so i can submit tomorow night if Time Warner does there job right!

Please wait for me i will send pics ASAP!!!!

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