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The Lizard Lounge // Dallas, Tx


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The Lizard Lounge is located in Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas. It's one of the more popular clubs in Texas and it's known around the world. It's got 3 levels; the ground floor, the balcony, and the open air roof. There is a main room and also a secondary main room on the ground floor. The balcony overlooks the main room, and the roof functions as its own room, however it is not always open.


The inside of the club is a bit confusing to navigate. It's got odd angled hallways connecting rooms so that if you don't know where you're going you can end up going in circles. It's typically packed wall to wall which makes it hard to navigate. On event nights the main room is usually so packed that it's hard to find room to dance in. That means that for glowsticking the roof or in a corner is usually the best option. They do not allow stringing but they do allow freehanding.


Admission price is generally $5 for ages 21 and up, and $10 for ages 18 and up. On event nights the price can get pretty expensive. They serve drinks until 2am and keep the party going until 4am. Both drinks and water are very expensive at The Lizard Lounge.


When you go to park try to pay for the valet parking so your car is close by. If you can't get in there, go for the closest parking available. The Lizard Lounge is in a pretty seedy area and the further out you park the worse it is trying to get back to your car later. On your way out you will most likely be solicited by homeless people for money. I recommend walking to and from the car with a large group of people as you never know who you are going to encounter.


At first The Lizard Lounge seems to be a great place, but after a while you start to learn it's dirty little secrets. The people that go there are not your typical ravers or EDM fans. It's a mixture of people from all different social circles. The types of people vary from rich snobs to groups of shirtless 300 pound bikers. Also if you're unlucky enough to walk around the wrong corner you can run into some pretty raunchy sex in public. They also make drug arrests there on occasion.


Other than that, some of the parties they put on there can be pretty awesome. The music is always great and they've got some amazing resident DJ's. It's definitely a place worth checking out, but I do not recommend it as a club to frequent.


For more information about The Lizard Lounge visit www.thelizardlounge.com


- Ph0toN

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