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Club Afterlife // Dallas, Tx


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Club Afterlife, located in Dallas, Tx, is not your typical club. Forgoing the traditional club atmosphere the venue is comprised of an old house / gas station, a warehouse (the hangar), a second warehouse (the barn), and a large paved outdoor area. The dinginess of the venue in addition to the vibe of the people give it an "old-school warehouse rave" feel.


The main area of afterlife, the part that's comprised of an old house / gas station, has 2 main rooms, 3 chill rooms, a water bar and several bathrooms. It can be a good place to hang out in on slower nights, but on event nights the area is so packed it's hard to walk through.


The warehouse (the hangar), is a large warehouse without one wall facing the inside of the outdoor area. On certain nights they close off the missing wall so that it becomes a full indoor dance floor. Occasionally other things occur in this area, such as the local fire team performing or a large air mattress filling the area.


The second warehouse (the barn), is comprised of three levels. Upon entering the area you are on a raised level a few feet above the dance floor. Going down some stairs you can reach the dance floor, and going up a staircase on the opposite side of the dance floor leads you to a loft that overlooks the other areas. This building sometimes has an overcrowding problem as well.


There are typically between 3-5 stages on an event night. Style of music in a particular area varies from night to night. Typically the main stage is set up either outside or in the first warehouse. Secondary stages are typically in the main room of the house and in the second warehouse. Depending on the night other stages are sometimes in the larger side room of the main building, and in the room underneath the loft in the barn.


Afterlife permits people ages seventeen and up to enter. Typical admission is $10 on normal nights and $15 on event nights, but it can vary from event to event. Ladies also typically get a discount on admission. Parking runs $5 per car.


Water is $3 per bottle, and if you run out of money you can always refill a bottle in the bathroom. The water bar also sells glowsticks and sometimes other random items.


When it comes to what you can dance with at Afterlife, the sky is the limit. The only thing they don't allow is spinning fire. Stringing, freehanding, frisbee, staffing, dart-poi, and most other things are okay to use there. Keep in mind to be aware of your surroundings when using these items however, as it's easy to hit someone in the crowded environment.


In conclusion, Club Afterlife is a fantastic club to visit on a Friday or Saturday night if you're in the Dallas area. Glowsticking.com members frequent the club so you'll almost always have somebody to meet up with. The music is usually spectacular and the people there are friendly. The areas of the club and their environments, from upbeat to chill, offer enough entertainment and variety to keep you running back and fourth between them dancing yourself senseless all night.


For more information about Club Afterlife visit www.afterlifedallas.com


- Ph0toN

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I know its kind of early to be saying, but the last weekend in May 29-31st I will be in Dallas. I will be there for A-kon with my friend Chris from Flordia and his cousin Vikki, and was curious if anyone in Dallas wanted to meet up with me...I would love to go to the club and whatnot, but I dont know where it is and would have no way to get there. So if you are interested in talking of a mini-meetup with people in Dallas I would love to meet you guys, I kinda suck too so I could use the experince heh.

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Actually we have a meetup at A-Kon every year. When it comes closer to the time I'll post up a thread for it in the southern regional forum. This past year most people went to afterlife that saturday night so we'll probably do that again. Can't wait to meet you!

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Good review, I must say. I cant wait to get back there. :biggrin2:



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