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Kandi Tut #1

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theyre working on it... i think.. thats why im just doing all my tutorials and posting them to youtube, but not putting them on here just yet..


i have the first one up, filmed for the next 3 yesterday (but messed up so might have to restart), and plan on doing a 3d ribbon kandi off of your cuff today (its wonderful cuz then i can be like "go here and follow this tutorial, then follow mine, im too lazy to teach you how to make the cuff you start with")



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I just watched your scrunchie kandi tut.. I think it's better than you're giving yourself credit for ^_^ I don't have any pieces like this so that needs to change ;) Keep the innovative ideas coming!

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Bear with me I am not the best at explaining things but I will do my best.



The first thing that you'll want to do is take a length of your string that you are going to use for this.

You want to then put two beads onto the string so it will look like this



now you want to have both ends of the string even with each other because it will make the process so much easier for you. Once you have both ends of the string right next to each other you'll want to slide one bead over both of the strings like so.



now you can repeat this process for how ever tall you want your cuff to be for this tutorial I am just going to have it as 4 beads high. (You'll always want to end up on step 2 before you proceed to step 3). Once you've achieved the height that you want you'll want to start making your cuff wider. This is achieved by taking one end of the string and sliding a bead over it and threading it through the (step 1) bead on it's respective side.



you want to repeat this process until the cuff will fit around your. Once both sides meet you'll want to thread both strings through the opposite side (so string 1 on side 1 will thread through side 2 and string 2 of side 2 will thread through side 1) and then tie it off in what ever way you tie yours off.


Now your cuff should look something like this (design will probably be different)



With a bit of preparation you can some pretty sweet designs...like a rainbow :P


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can you add some inbetween steps lol. I can't do the peyote stitch to save my life (yet).



Yeah I was making the thing and was essentially done and went....."wait I think I am forgetting something." Then looked at the camera. I'll take some in between pictures sometime during the week 'cause I still need to finish my submission for the kandi contest lo whoooo procrastination.

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yay! and its not for your hair. DHZ used it in his hair once or twice... but it might hurt/fall out


oh and this is really good for uber kandi kids who have kandi ALL the way up their arm because it isnt tight at all so it wont cut off circulation or anything

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Very nice tutorial, I'm going to try this one.



What would be awesome for you to do, is post text saying what you would need to start on this project, so people can know right away if they can do this to the video.



Thanks for posting these. When I get to it, I'll post my results. :)

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