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FAVORITE 80's-90's Cartoons

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I miss the good stuff. Like all of the above.


Have you seen the crap they have on now? Ugh. It's moronic.


BTW you're forgetting Little Bear and Blue's Clues [[With Steve the 1st time]]

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Dag what about bobbys world

ahhhhh real monsters


baboon and weasel

all that

Keenan and kel


come on people keep it together

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the old school nickelodeon is the most amazing kid channel ever.


rocko's modern life

ren and stimpy

ah! real monster




oh yeah cartoon network with cow and chicken, i am weasel and shitz.. lol

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got that one...read page 2..... SatAM, Underground, and X...


mention that show and all of a sudden people look at me and go "OH! Thats why "power" is spelled wrong in your name!" =P lol

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