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Appriciate Something?, what do you appriciate today?

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i appreciate music because it calm me down like nothing else.



but anyways, I really appreciate water because without it... I would be on the ground dying...

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I appreciate hole in the wall restaurants that are clean cheap and have awesome food. :dope:

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Moron usually annoy me ^. ::shrug:: to each their own.


i appreciate... the fact that i woke this morning, as i am appreciative of each day. I am glad that i get to see my son, finally, after 2 years. I appreciate that the power didn't go out tonight, just the water. i am glad that i will, i hope, be off of house arrest next week. YAY!


I appreciate that i am able to glowstring and DeeJay, some people can't :frown: .

Also, i appreciate GSc for being created, not being competative based, the wonferdull (<--- where the buffalo roam) people on it, and the fact GS'ing is still underground (which i hope it stays)


AND!! i appreciate the glass of milk i am about to have. BYE!

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