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Suspensions and Bans for Supporting Competition


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I can't even begin to speak on behalf of how I feel.


This situation has been blown so out of proportion that I don't know who to side with, what to say or even what I should be fucking thinking.


I just hope that friends who were closer then brothers don't continue to fall farther and farther apart.


It hurts me to log on to GSC everyday and read this exponentially growing pile of verbal shit. It hurts me even more that I personally know the two of you and respect both our friendships with a closeness to my heart, as gay and homoerotic as it sounds I love both of you and watching this clusterfuck turn into a world war is really hurting me.


I need to sleep on this shit and will post more tomorrow..


Long Live Club Crib.

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Jesus christ.


I really... can't even begin to describe how I feel about this. This is killin' me man, guys that i've known for so long who had such close friendships going at it like this. Gin, what happened man? You've really gone off the deep end man; I know it's been a while since we've hung out, but goddamn... you've changed. I'm honestly worried about you man.


I agree 100% with both of Dave's posts. And with Aaron's posts as well. I really hope all this can be resolved, because what the hell guys, since when does EC have drama? The EC GS.C scene I remember is a bunch of guys who are genuinely good friends with a shared passion.


PLEASE, please don't let us stray away from that.


Not really in the best mindset right now to elaborate, maybe will post more tomorrow.

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Let it be known.



Im not even seeing this as drama. This is something most of us have known about for a long time. This isn't news to us that gin feels this way. We all kinda knew but he never said it directly.


He pulled himself away from everyone a long ass time ago. This isn't going to have an affect on how things go here.


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As a glowsticker this entire thread depresses me.

I hope this thread dies with this last page.



What's really sad is how everything was calmed down and then someone went grave digging and brought it back up.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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