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How many days in a row can you post?

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You had me at "desu". ♥ Gurl, you so po' you can't even pay attention.

Daaaaaaamn, Maple fucked up. You're in the lead...for now.

dat valentine be mine

i dont know how to make the line over the "e" to make it a hard vowel. so you just have to live with it

Yes you do, you can Internet, silly.


It's alright, we're all lazy when it comes to simple shit.

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fonetikle???? wtf?


And no I r teh likez so dun wit da l33tsh1t.


Is that what all the cool kids are doing now? The harder it is to understand you, the more yellow stars you get?

And for your information, it's "phonetical", but I guess sounding stuff out is harder than just typing crap.

But I guess the only thing that you would understand out of all of this is something liek, "QT 3.14"



Bu7 I gu355 7|-|3 0|\|1y 7|-|i|\|g 7|-|47 u w0u1d u|\|d3r574|\|d 0u7 0f 411 0f 7|-|i5 i5 50m37|-|i|\|g 1ik3, "QT 3.14"\




bu7 i gU3$5 tH3 0nLy 7hing 7h@7 Y0u w0Uld Und3R$7@ND 0u7 0F @LL 0f 7Hi$ i5 50me7hIng lik3, "q7 3.14"




bù┼ ì GµΣs$ ┬hΣ oñ└¥ tHíñg tha┬ ¥òù wòú└d µnDêΓ$┬äñd òu┬ òƒ @└l ò╒ ┬hi$ i$ $φMe┬hìñG lîkë, "q┬ 3.14"



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