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Interested in becoming a DJ?


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I know some of you will probably think this is stupid but if your interested in becoming a DJ or already are one and need a little help you should check out this site.


I know you'll be reluctant but just give it a shot. :)


Check it out!

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I am a little skeptical, but that's because it's talking about becoming a small-time gig DJ, like one that gets hired out at school dances and whatnot. I don't believe it's what a lot of the people here are looking for; it's also intended to make profit, and uses generalized lists. The DJs here strive for uniqueness, and usually stick to one genre.


Thanks for offering your assistance, though. :)

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Sorry but this isn't useful. The guy is selling a song playlist for DJs that want to perform at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate gigs.


For a DJ that wants to play the nightclub scene - it's completely and totally worthless.

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